3 Sites To Find Free Google Docs Resume Templates

There’s an old saying: “It takes money to make money.” You’ll often find that this is true at even the most earliest stages, such as job searching. When you’re on the hunt, your resume is one of the biggest things to consider. Many people end up

How to Switch iTunes App Store Account to Another Country

If you’re an expatriate or traveler trying to download apps from other countries’ iTunes or App Store, you could encounter a geoblock. The Apple store imposes geo-restrictions on apps, which frustrates users who want to download apps and other content to their iOS devices. For instance,

Tips For Using Google Docs On Your Mobile Device

Google Docs on mobile (iOS/Android) is much the same as the desktop version, but you’re forced to use it in new ways because of the smaller form factor and lack of peripherals. Thankfully, with some practice you can get around the hurdle that is word processing

How To Change Google Chrome Language Back To English

  Many of the popular applications out there for the Windows operating system are available in multiple languages. Google Chrome is also available in over a hundred languages. After using the Chrome browser in a non-English language for a while, you might want to change Chrome’s

Rise of Nations won’t run on Windows 10

  If you are a lover of real-time strategy video games, then chances are you must have heard of Rise of Nations, a game that was released a long time ago by Big Huge Games for Windows and published by Microsoft. Now, we expect that you

How To Use The OneDrive Personal Vault

  Microsoft’s OneDrive is one of the widely used cloud storage services out there. OneDrive has many industry-standard security measures, including file encryption, ransomware detection and recovery, mass file deletion alert and recovery, and suspicious activity monitoring. In addition to the existing security features, Microsoft recently