KeePassXC 2.6.4 Password Manager for Linux Ubuntu Released with Apple Silicon M1 Support

KeePassXC 2.6.4 Released with Apple Silicon M1 Support. How to install KeePassXC Password Manager for Linux Ubuntu.

KeePassXC stores and manages all kinds of sensitive information and personal data, such as usernames, passwords, URLs, attachments, and notes in an offline, encrypted file that can be stored in any location, including private and public cloud solutions.

KeePassXC has numerous features for novice and power users alike. Our goal is to create an application that can be used by anyone while still offering advanced features to those that need them.

Basic Features – KeePassXC

  • Create, open, and save databases in the KDBX format (KeePass compatible to KDBX4 and KDBX3)
  • Store sensitive information in entries that are organized by groups
  • Search for entries
  • Password generator
  • Auto-Type passwords into applications
  • Browser integration with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chromium, Vivaldi, Brave, and Tor-Browser
  • Entry icon download
  • Import databases from CSV, 1Password, and KeePass1 formats

Advanced Features – KeePassXC

  • Database reports (password health, HIBP, and statistics)
  • Database export to CSV and HTML formats
  • TOTP storage and generation
  • Field references between entries
  • File attachments and custom attributes
  • Entry history and data restoration
  • YubiKey/OnlyKey challenge-response support
  • Command line interface (keepassxc-cli)
  • Auto-Open databases
  • KeeShare shared databases (import, export, and synchronize)
  • SSH Agent
  • Secret Service (replace Gnome keyring, etc.)
  • Additional encryption choices: Twofish and ChaCha20

KeePassXC 2.6.4

The fourth 2.6 maintenance update, KeePassXC 2.6.4 is released with various minor bugs, updates a vulnerable third-party dependency, and enables live theme switching. Whereas previously, the user had to restart KeePassXC in order to switch between light and dark mode, this can now be done at runtime without the need for a restart.

The pre-built Windows and macOS binaries ship with an updated version of libgcrypt, (the third-party library we use for cryptographic primitives), which fixes a buffer overflow vulnerability. Since KeePassXC does not decrypt arbitrary untrusted data (TLS for fetching Favicons is not handled by libgcrypt), we believe the impact on our users to be low, but recommend upgrading ASAP nonetheless. AppImages for Linux ship with an older version of the library which was not affected.

As an additional treat, KeePassXC 2.6.4 is the first release for which we provide native ARM64 builds for the new Apple Silicon M1 Macs. For the time being, the ARM64 build comes without support for signed KeeShare containers due to dependency incompatibilities. If this functionality is needed, use the Intel build instead (which works just as fine with Rosetta2).

The new release can be downloaded from the downloads page, Ubuntu PPA, and Snapcraft.

Install KeePass Password Manager

Run the following commands in terminal to install the KeePass password manager on Linux Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get update
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phoerious/keepassxc
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install keepassxc

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