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keyboard Shortcuts for App rearrangement on metro screen + Help viewer

I was thinking of the time saving tips and tricks on the use of computer and found that, proper use of computer shortcuts on your windows 7, 8, 10 or whatever it is can lead to great productivity and less disturbance by saving the time through the use of combination of keystrokes on your computer’s keyboard.
In this post we are going to see some of the technical and hidden keyboard short-cuts:These are based on Arrangement of apps on the metro screen and help viewer keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for App rearranging:

If you are using Metro screen, then the shortcuts below can operate suitably according to your needs as illustrated below.
You’ll have to Pressing down the windows key to enter the arrange mode, then take a time to rearrange the apps and finally release the window key.

    Press the below key simultaneously:
  • Win + . [To Enter Rearrange mode and select apps or dividers across monitors]
  • Win + LEFT ARROW [This will Move the app divider to the left]
  • Win + RIGHT ARROW [App divider will move to the right]
  • Win + UP ARROW [This Maximize the app]
  • Win + DOWN ARROW [App get closed on doing this]
  • Win + ESC [Exits the mode of rearranging the Apps]


Help viewer keyboard Shortcuts

Do you know what are the Help viewer shortcuts? Well, these are just the keyboard shortcuts used with the help viewer to easy the use of mouse and saving time at all.

  • F3 [Move the cursor to the search box]
  • F10 [Display the Options menu]
  • HOME [Move to the beginning of a topic]
  • END [Move to the end of a topic]
  • ALT + LEFT ARROW [For Moving back to the previously viewed topic]
  • ALT + RIGHT ARROW [For Moving to the next (previously viewed) topic]
  • ALT + HOME [For Displaying the Help and support home page]
  • ALT + A [For Displaying the customer support page]
  • ALT + C [For Displaying the TABle of Contents]
  • ALT + N [For Displaying the Connection Settings menu]
  • CTRL + F [For Searching the current topic]
  • CTRL + P [Print a topic]

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