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‘Kingdom Hearts 2.8’ Flower Locations Guide: How To Complete Objective 34 In ‘Birth By Sleep’

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 has 51 Objectives, and this guide focuses specifically on Objective 34. To complete it, you must find three flowers representing Flora, Fauna and Merryweather in the Forest Of Thorns. Here are all the locations to be aware of.

1) Fauna [Green Flower] : After the first big log ride connecting two pillars with the chest at the end, jump downward and continue through the path with the red vines. You’ll come to a fork where you can go straight or right. If this is your first time through, Ven and Terra will beckon you to go right. Go straight, however, and you’ll come to a clearing with some Heartless and this hidden treasure.

'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' green flower location ‘Kingdom Hearts 2.8’ has 51 Objectives, and this is the green flower required for Objective 34. Go straight through the first big fork in the road in the Forest Of Thorns. ‘Kingdom Hearts 2.8’ is available now on PS4.

2) Merryweather [Blue Flower] : From the second Rocky Path save point, hop over the sparkling pillars, kill any Darksides and continue along the path. Keep going straight when you come to the large stone steps, and you’ll see a small crevice area to the left. The blue flower is hiding in there.

'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' blue flower location The blue flower is just past the stone steps by the second save point. It’s in its own little crevice by itself.

3) Flora [Red Flower] : From the third Path’s End save point, go backward into the forest and down the large steps. Once you reach the forked path straight ahead, go left. Hug the area along the tree trunk until you see the rock with the markings shown below. The red flowers are right there.

'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' red flower location Head backward from the third save point and head left at the fork in the road. You’ll find these red flowers there.

You just unlocked a cool set of blue Minnie ears for Aqua to wear!
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is available now for PS4. Be sure to check out or full objectives list and boss guides for any help with the toughest challenges. You might want to read our review of the game too.
Were you able to collect the flowers to finish Objective 34? Was the reward worth it? Tell us in the comments section!


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