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[Latest] How to Reset a Locked iPod Without iTunes – Simple Tricks

Different models of iPod like iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch and Nano have their own unique methods of resetting them.
Its a bad thing to loose access to your audio on the iPod by having problems on using it, The common issue like buttons not to respond and other bugs can be fixed with and without connecting to iTunes. But here we are going to see the simplest tricky ways to reset and restore any iPod without using iTunes.

What happens after you reset your iPod?

Once you reset your device, you will be able to have access to it again. Nearly all of your content will remain but settings will be restored to the default configuration. So, you will have to personalize and set them back to your preferred configuration.

How To Reset An iPod Shuffle

You wanna reset your iPod Shuffle without iTunes?well,That’s great!. There is no any complicated step to hire an expert for this. You can be the expert of your own Shuffle iPod on the matter of fixing resetting issues. Below are the simple steps to guide you on doing this!

First step:

Slide the switch to “Off”

Second Step:

Wait for five seconds from the time you completed the first step.

Third Step:

Move the switch until the green stripe appears.
If you get any complications on the method above, then this one below will be the best for you! Here we go..

Step 1:

Your iPod Shuffle must be turned off and it should not be connected to the computer.

Step 2:

Just wait for at least 10 seconds.

Step 3:

Move your iPod shuffle to the play in shuffle position or order.

Step 4:

Turn on your iPod.
You can now start start using it, and that is how to reset your iPod Shuffle.

How to Reset iPod Nano

If your iPod shuffle don’t respond when you press the buttons, You can reset it by following these simple steps below. Here you’ll need no use of iTunes.

Step 1

Connect your iPod Nano to a power source

Step 2

Press the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume Down buttons simultaneously. ( you may repeat this procedure for number of times until you do it right)

Step 3

Hold the buttons for about seven seconds.
You can do the process for several times until the iPod resets.

How To Reset An iPod Touch

The easiest solution to restart your iPad touch is by trying nor to use iTunes. Lets see this first one now,
When your iPod is on, hold the sleep button on top of your device until the red Power Off Slider appears and slide it off, the screen will turn black. After that, hold hold the wake/sleep button for few seconds until the black iPod’s screen turns On.
reset-ipod-touch-with-no-itunesIt sometimes occurs that one solution fails to work depending on the models of iPod Touch. But here, we are not running out of tricks and alternative solutions to fix the problems. Below is another troubleshooting method for resetting your iPod.

Restore Your iPod Touch

I know you have already heard about this method of restoring your device right? well, do you know how do this? If yes, then you are luck and never mind if you don’t know. You are in the right place where you will get all the information you needed about restoring and resetting any iPod model, and you gonna do it right like a pro.
Now, Hold the Sleep/wake + Home button simultaneously some seconds(at least 10 secs). Do it until the your iPod touch shuts off. The device will start to restart and release the two buttons just after you see the Apple Logo appearing.
This is how restore an iPod Touch.

Final Tricky Tips:

If you have an Older iPod which uses touch wheels, scroll wheels, or dock connector, You have to go through the following set of procedures to accomplish your issue

Step 1:

Slide the “Hold” switch on and off.

Step 2:

Hold the Menu buttons and “Play/Pause” together for about seven seconds. That’s how to reset the old generation models of iPod without iTunes. Try again if the iPod doesn’t reset on the above last two steps.

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