Leak says OnePlus and Find X series will be OPPO’s flagship lines

With each passing week comes more details about OnePlus’s future as a sub-brand of OPPO. Yesterday, we learned that the codebase for OyxgenOS will now be integrated with that of ColorOS. That’s the software part. For the hardware part, we have more juicy details.

OPPO + OnePlus logo

A Chinese leaker revealed on Weibo details about OPPO’s hardware plans. The leaker who goes by “Arsenal” on the social media platform and has provided reliable information in the past is the source of the information. In a Weibo post dated yesterday, he disclosed that OnePlus will become OPPO’s new high-end product line! He goes on to say that OnePlus phones will be positioned in a fashion similar to Huawei’s P series and their selling point will be camera performance.

The leaker also revealed that OPPO’s Find X series will be the manufacturer’s second flagship line. The post says that the Find X series will be the first to debut newly developed features and be positioned in a similar way to Huawei’s Mate series.

OPPO + OnePlus Weibo

While we expected there will be changes to how both companies operate, the aforementioned ones are astonishing. Nevertheless, it does sound like a sensible decision and one that will most likely take effect next year. OnePlus fans will be particularly pleased to learn that future models will pack better cameras.

It is important to state that while the info comes from a reliable leaker, we should still take it with a pinch of salt until evidence surfaces or there is an official statement.

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