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Leaked Bose QuietComfort Earbuds promotional video details advanced noise cancelling, ergonomic design


Bose hasn’t updated its true wireless range since the first SoundSport Free, which – at the time – were some of the best TWS earphones on the market, particularly for runners.

Now, it’s using its expertise in noise-cancelling to bring us a pair equipped with advanced ANC. Or at least, that’s what appears all but confirmed now thanks to a leaked promotional video.

The video first appeared thanks to Australian retailer Harvey Norman, and reported on by CNET. While the original video was taken down, it has since been reuploaded and you can watch it below:

In the video, Bose shows off the design of the QuietComfort Earbuds, which feature some similarities to the SoundSport Free. The earbuds feature a similar, tapered, cone-shaped tip and ear fin designed to be comfortable but secure.

It also touts “The world’s most effective noise cancelling”, hinting at the fact that it’s going to use similar technology to what we’ve experienced on the excellent Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.

The pair will allow you to “appreciate the finest details” in your favourite tunes and also deliver crisp details with deep bass in a pair of earphones that’s splash resistant. That means you can wear them in the rain or during your sweatiest workouts, and they should survive.

One interesting point to note is the custom microphone setup which hides behind a series of machined holes on the underside of the earbuds casing. This is designed to enable similar quality voice clarity to the Headphones 700.

Plus, you get up to six hours of music playback out of the charging case which – while not quite up to the top levels – should be enough for most listeners. It’s certainly an improvement on the five hours offered by their sporty cousins.

Bose is yet to announce the new QuietComfort Earbuds, but with the promotional video showing up at an Australian retailer’s site, it seems the release will be sooner rather than later. Watch this space.

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