Learn About Ubuntu Desktop Sharing

Share your Linux Ubuntu Desktop using Desktop Sharing app. Ubuntu Desktop sharing enables remote access to a desktop. You can let other people view and control your desktop from another computer with a desktop viewing application. Configure Desktop Sharing to allow others to access your desktop and set the security preferences. Users can also permit other users to remotely control your desktops by checking the option “Allow others users to control your desktop”.

Ubuntu Desktop Sharing

  • In the Dash, open Desktop Sharing.
  • To let others view your desktop, select Allow other users to view your desktop. This means that other people will be able to attempt to connect to your computer and view what’s on your screen.
  • To let others interact with your desktop, select Allow other users to control your desktop. This may allow the other person to move your mouse, run applications, and browse files on your computer, depending on the security settings which you are currently using.

There are three categories of desktop sharing settings: sharing, security and notification settings.

Confirm access to your machine

If you want to be able to choose whether to allow someone to access your desktop, select You must confirm each access to this machine. If you disable this option, you will not be asked whether you want to allow someone to connect to your computer. This option is enabled by default.

Enable password

To require other people to use a password when connecting to your desktop, select Require the user to enter this password. If you do not use this option, anyone can attempt to view your desktop. This option is disabled by default, but you should enable it and set a secure password.

Allow access to your desktop over the Internet

If your router supports UPnP Internet Gateway Device Protocol and it is enabled, you can allow other people who are not on your local network to view your desktop. To allow this, select Automatically configure UPnP router to open and forward ports. Alternatively, you can configure your router manually. This option is disabled by default.

Show notification area icon

To be able to disconnect someone who is viewing your desktop, you need to enable this option. If you select Always, this icon will be visible regardless of whether someone is viewing your desktop or not. If this option is disabled, it is possible for someone to connect to your desktop without your knowledge, depending on the security settings.

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