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‘The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’ Fan Video Reveals 4 Cool Switch Reveal Trailer Secrets

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild was prominently featured in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer last month, and franchise experts have been poring over the footage ever since. A new video from Zelda Informer in particular features a few noteworthy secrets that we missed in our veracious reporting. The findings are discussed in the video below.

As those who watched the Switch reveal trailer will know, the ad begins with footage of Link on horseback taking down some relentless Bokoblin foes. There are a couple key details to note here. For one, the section of footage bears a strong resemblance to a Twilight Princess trailer from E3 2004. This distinction is hugely important not only because Twilight Princess was just remastered on Wii U but also because franchise director Eiji Aonuma mentioned in March that Twilight Princess was the starting point for developing Breath Of The Wild.

Could the Switch reveal footage be a sign of even stronger ties to the 2006 title? Might they take place on the same timeline? Will mechanics be shared across both games? With Wolf Link already in the picture via Amiibo support, both of these thoughts could be correct.

In addition to that, we also see the Bokoblins riding on horses that are very similar to Link’s. It’s a small detail, but Bokoblins with horse combat have yet to be seen in the series.

At the same point in the trailer, there’s a tinny melody played underneath the footage main track. As expected, the sound was analyzed and revealed to be a slowed-down version of the original Legend Of Zelda theme from the NES classic. Like the Twilight Princess connection, this secret is interesting only when augmented by other details. When the project was first revealed in 2014, it was heralded as a love letter to the open-world elements that originally made the series stand out. Fast forward to 2016, and fans have since noticed many map similarities between Breath Of The Wild and the first game.

Again, is this a sign that Breath Of The Wild could have ties to the very origins of Link’s story? Bringing Twilight Princess and the first quest together would require some kind of timeline merge, but Nintendo is generally OK with altering canons to accomplish an artistic goal. Just look at how many narrative splits exist today for evidence of that.

Last but not least is speculation about the large Moblin-like boss shown during the trailer’s portable segment. While most outlets pointed out a likeness to King Moblin from Link’s Awakening, this source isn’t convinced. It’s also suggested that the monster could be related to the Bokoblins or even a Hinox from A Link Between Worlds with its singular eye and tusk-like teeth. There’s even chatter that the mark on its body could be a rune that defends against bomb attacks.

Lots of Breath Of The Wild theories are out there, and it’s because of Nintendo’s intentional secrecy that they exist. Even the Switch reveal trailer couldn’t be without some magic and mystery from such a tiny preview.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild comes to Switch and Wii U in 2017. Recent speculation is that Breath Of The Wild may not be a launch title for the former platform.

What do you think of these secrets from the Switch reveal trailer? Do they carry any weight? Tell us in the comments section!


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