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‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2: What Is Legion Of Doom’s Agenda?

The Legends are heading to the Reagan White House in Season 2 episode 5, “Compromised.” They’re surprised to learn Arrow Season 4 villain Damien Darhk is the President’s senior advisor, so they try and figure out what he’s got planned. But what they don’t know is Reverse-Flash has another agenda and he’s recruited Darhk to help him. This marks the beginning of the formation of Legends’ season-long villains, Legion of Doom.

“What is it that you want,” Darhk asks Reverse-Flash in the featurette above. “A partner,” he responds. “You want to reshape the world? Try reshaping history. Try rewriting destiny.”

“Try putting our partnership into concrete terms,” Darhk says, “As in, what’s in it for me?”

So far, The Legion of Doom appear to be kind of like anti-time masters, with the Reverse-Flash leading the fray. Whatever he has planned, it most certainly won’t align with the Legends mission to protect time. Unbeknownst to Legends, the Reverse-Flash has already caused trouble on the Waverider. He killed Hourman in the premiere episode. The motive behind the murder remains to be seen.

reverseflash The Reverse-Flash on ‘The Flash’

We also have yet to see Reverse-Flash’s next two recruits, Malcolm Merlyn and Captain Cold, but Guggenheim revealed last month they will appear on in episode 8. There is, however, always the chance we’ll see at least one of them before the Invasion! crossover event (episode 7) on either The Flash or Arrow . Both John Barrowman and Wentworth Miller are series regulars across all four shows.

Captain Cold and Heatwave The Flash Captain Cold and Heatwave team-up to get rid of the Flash in ‘Revenge of the Rogues’

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim revealed last month that because of Flashpoint, all four villains may act differently than we’ve seen in the past. For example, Neal McDonough says his character, Darhk, is more of a loose cannon.

“Not having my wife at that point, and not knowing who my wife is — I don’t know that I’m going to get married, I don’t know that I’m going to murder hundreds fo thousands of people, none of that stuff — I don’t want to say he’s a little more evil, but I also don’t have as much to fight for, so I’m more of a loose cannon, which is fun to play,” McDonough told Entertainment Weekly.

arrowdamien Arrow’s Season 5 nemesis won’t have superpowers. Phew! Say goodbye to Damien Darhk.

Captain Cold was actually a member of the Legends crew last season. He died saving the team during the Oculus explosion, but Flashpoint has brought him back in a villainous role. Early in on in The Flash when his character was first introduced, Snart and Mick were petty thieves in Central City. Then, they both went on to become heroes. It will be interesting to see whether his coy personality will change into something more brutal for Legion of Doom.

It’s possible Reverse-Flash’s plan has something to do with Flashpoint. We also have yet to see if Thawne screwed up the timeline on his own after he helped Barry kill his mother again and dropped him off on the West household’s porch.

arrow_malcolm_merlyn Malcolm Merlyn in Arrow

As for Merlyn, he’s been MIA since the end of last season when he betrayed Darhk and actually sided with Team Arrow once he realized Darhk was going to destroy the entire world. He had to have been affected by Flashpoint, otherwise, I doubt he’d work with Darhk again. During an interview with TV Line at San Diego Comic Con, Barrowman hinted at the possibility of his character changing.

“Whatever is happening in these shows, it’s nice to show if they are happening in a different place or different time zone. That’s all I’m saying. You know, it might be a different type of Malcolm, so we don’t know. That could be interesting for me as an actor to play,” he said.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 episode 10 is titled, “Legion of Doom,” so expect to know a lot more about Captain Cold and Malcolm Merlyn’s involvement in the supervillain group before then. I can’t imagine we won’t see at least Merlyn in Arrow’ s 100th episode. Barrowman is a fan favorite and has been an integral part of Arrow’s five-season run.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays on The CW.


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