Level up your mobile videos with Hohem's brilliant iSteady X gimbal

It's amazing to reflect on how far smartphones have come, when you look at the camera side of things. When they started out, there was basically no comparing the video you could shoot with a phone to something like a proper video camera or DSLR.

Now, though, that's all changed. There are loads of brilliant phones on the market shooting in stunning 4K (or even 8K in some cases) with amazing resolutions and great colour profiles. One thing that they almost all still struggle with, though, is stabilisation - jaggy, shaky video is still absolutely the norm.

That's where Hohem's brilliant iSteady X gimbal comes in. It's a stunningly light bit of handheld camera tech that'll get you buttery-smooth video without any technical skills needed. Check out some of the main reasons you should think about giving it a go.

iSteady 3.0

You might be new to the task of improving your mobile video, but the same can't be said of Hohem, which has been iterating on its amazing designs for ages.

This is the third full version of its iSteady software, which is all ticking away behind the scenes in the new gimbal - just as your phone has hidden smarts, so does the iSteady X. It's constantly running in the background to make sure that your phone is steady in the perfect way, and works like a charm.

That means that no matter what you put it through, you'll come out the other side with smooth, clean video that's perfect for editing or a quick social media clip.

Light and breezy

Weight and ease of use are all-important when it comes to shooting, though, which is why Hohem made sure to keep the iSteady X as light as possible. At just 259g in weight, it's featherlight compared to some competitors, which means that you won't get tired of using it for the duration of its impressive 8-hour battery life.

Plus, with a tripod included in the system that you can easily pop out, you can always set the gimbal down if you do decide that you want it to do all the work. All of it's controlled by incredibly intuitive buttons and controls, which are very much on the minimalistic side, to make sure that you're never overwhelmed by dials and cranks.

Plus, the whole gimbal folds down beautifully into a smaller format that you can easily fit into a pocket or small bag, for when you're not using it.

Amazing options

Even if the controls are super easy to understand, though, the beauty of iSteady X is that it actually has a really impressive amount of range and possibilities under its belt.

You've got a range of amazing features, including a one-tap rotate for portrait shots, auto-rotation to handle it for you entirely, face follow to pan according to where you move, and even a dolly zoom mode than provides a look no smartphone camera can match on its own.

Set the iSteady X up on its tripod and set it to timelapse mode for an amazing montage effect as it slowly inches through an arc to make for brilliant shots, or keep it dead simple by just using it as a handheld gimbal - it's completely up to you.

Right now you can save $10 on the iSteady X direct through Hohem, too, taking it down to just $69 dollars, a price that's hard to believe when you place it up against how much of a difference it'll make to your videos. Don't hesitate - order one for yourself today!

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