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LG fixes its 4K TV HDR Gaming Input Lag Problem, For Some TVs At Least


As we’d recently covered, LG has suffered a bit of a public relations storm among the console gaming community due to a distinct problem that many of the company’s 4K TVs suffer when used for HDR gaming through the newest consoles like the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S.

Specifically, for those of you who weren’t aware of all this, the company’s 4K TVsin the OLED and LCD lines for 2016 and (according to some reader comments) from 2015 as well all suffer from exceptionally high input lag when used with high dynamic range enabled, particularly during 4K gameplay.

An LG 2016 E6 OLED 4K TV being used for gaming

An LG 2016 E6 OLED 4K TV being used for gaming

The complaints from console gamers who owned LG’s TVs even reached such a level that a couple of Change.org petitions were even started in an effort to garner enough signatures from LG customers and make the company address the issue. Well it seems that after first being a bit unresponsive with specific promises of some kind of fix, LG has now responded effectively and helpfully at least for owners of some of the brand’s 4K TVs.

LG is now rolling out a new firmware update which applies to many of their latest (2016) OLED and LCD TVs which both reduces HDR input lag and also introduces a new HDR Game picture preset into the TV models in question. According to reporting from other sources, the update does indeed work and is particularly effective in LG’s new OLED 4K TV models.

Originally, our and others’ reporting on the LG TV issue covered the possibility that LG hadn’t addressed the HDR input lag issue in a timely manner because the problem couldn’t be fixed with a firmware update at all. This would have meant that owners of these TVs who wanted to do some console gaming would have had to then simply switch TV brands, wait until LG releases their newer 2017 TVs or just endure high input lag in their LCD models.

Luckily, these particular suspicions seem to have been unfounded and the firmware update is indeed effective but its range is still in question. For now at least, for LG’s OLED 4K TV models like the E6, C6 and B6, as well as the flagship G6, we can confirm that HDR gaming input lag has dropped back down to acceptable levels of 33ms instead of the previous-to-update 60+ms which basically ruined fast-paced console games with HDR activated.


We’re going to be posting updates on the input lag performance improvements (if any) for LG’s 2016 LCD TVs like the UH9500 and we also hope to see users of 2015 LG 4K HDR TVs say that their models also now perform better with HDR gaming enabled.

For now, we can all at least thank LG for listening to its fans and customers across the web and gamers with pricey LG 2016 OLED TVs can now breathe a sigh of relief if they’ve got the new firmware update running on their televsions.


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