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Lian Li PC-O10 dual-compartment glass and aluminium chassis

Lian Li has launched its latest O-series dual compartment glass and aluminium chassis. The Lian Li PC-O10 offers a similar design but is slimmed down in comparison to the previous PC-O9 and PC-O8 cases thanks to its adoption of SFX/SFX-L PSUs. This ‘full ATX motherboards meet SFX PSUs’ design can therefore match the proportions of a traditional tower system but maintain the attractive glass and metal hewn split design. The new design was facilitated by the recent market availability of high-wattage SFX-L PSUs from various vendors, explains Lian Li.

The PC-O10 has room for an E-ATX, Full ATX, or micro ATX motherboard. You can fit a board with up to 7x expansion slots. Maximum compatibility for graphics cards is a dual-slot product as long as 340mm. Interestingly Lian Li can supply an optional O10-1 accessory kit to show off a dual-slot VGA card vertically with a riser cable (in the same manner as the PC-O7). This side of the chassis is, after all, the one behind the tempered glass.

Elsewhere in the transparent compartment, the maximum compatibility for CPU coolers is 130mm tall. There are flexible air and water cooling options within the PC-O10. At the bottom you will find mounts for your choice of 2x 120mm or 1x 140mm fan. At the top of the case you can fit 2x 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator (fitting up to 320 x 120 x 90mm). A removable, dedicated pump plate is installed in the glass compartment with grommeted pass-throughs between compartments. All fan mounts include removable, washable mesh filters.

The aluminium shielded PSU compartment is where you will fit the bulk of your storage. It can fit 4x 3.5-inch and 2x 2.5-inch drives in a special bay, expanding upon the single 2.5-inch drive installable in the glass compartment. The maximum length of your small form factor PSU is 290mm.

To the front right of the chassis you will find a power button with two USB 3.0 and HD audio ports below. Overall the chassis measures Width: 242mm; Height: 493mm; Depth: 376mm.

Lian Li says the PC-O10 is available immediately from Overclockers UK, or from Newegg in the US priced at US$279.


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