Lightweight Linux Distribution Bodhi Linux 5.0 Released

It has been a few years of good progress for Bodhi Linux. It is always interesting to see what a lightweight Linux distribution has to offer.

Bodhi Linux 5.0 Desktop Screenshot

In case you didn’t know about Bodhi Linux – it is an impressive Linux distribution on top of Ubuntu with minimal but essential features. It utilizes an unusual but interesting desktop – Moksha desktop – which is based on the Enlightenment desktop.

Now, they have come up with the next major release – Bodhi Linux 5.0.0 – with the latest Ubuntu core (18.04). In addition to the updated core, it also includes some visual overhaul giving it a modern look.

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The devs have also mentioned in their latest blog update that even though it is a major release – not much as changed, except an up-to-date Ubuntu core with a better/modern look.

In their official blog, they have also informed about the upgrade process – for someone who might be already running a pre-release of Bodhi 5.0.0 or the previous version of it.

Here’s what they explained:

If you installed a pre-release of Bodhi 5.0.0 you will simply need to run your system updates to grab all the latest goodies that are in these ISO images. Keep in mind that system updates will not adjust the look of your desktop automatically though because this would require messing with custom configurations you might otherwise have already.

If you have a previous Bodhi release installed you will need to do a clean install to upgrade to Bodhi 5.0.0. We do not support in place upgrades between major Bodhi releases. Keep in mind that Bodhi 4.5.0 will have support until Ubuntu 16.04 runs out in April 2021 though, so there is no hurry to upgrade if you are happy with your existing system.

In other words, you cannot upgrade from an existing Bodhi Linux install to the new Bodhi Linux 5.0 release. So, if you want to download the latest ISO or check out the system requirements to try it out, you should head to the official download page of Bodhi Linux.

Bodhi Linux is perhaps not as popular as Ubuntu or Linux Mint but it’s a good little distribution for slightly older machines.

Have you ever used Bodhi Linux? How’s your experience with it? Would you recommend it to others?


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