Linux Audiobook Player ‘Cozy’ Adds Sleep Timer, m4a Support

By | August 5, 2020

Linux audiobook player Cozy has been updated.

We took a look at the Cozy audiobook player for Linux a few months back and found it highly promising, with an eye catching library view and handy quick rewind button.

In the ensuing month since we thumbed through its offering the app has received a couple of small updates.

The latest Cozy release adds a fully adjustable sleep timer feature, improves importing, and gains support for playing m4a/mp4 files (alas, still no support for m4b).

cozy sleep timer feature

Cozy 0.4.0 introduces a sleep timer feature

Interface wise the app now places the handy ‘rewind’ and ‘pause’ controls in the far left of the toolbar, rather than after the ‘now playing’ section. The “Author” and “Reader” filters appear larger in the sidebar, while author information has been added to the snippet of metadata that appears under each audiobook’s cover.

Cozy already supports DRM free mp3, m4a, flac, and ogg audio books. It remembers the last played position, lets you sort and browse audiobooks by author, reader and title, and has MPRIS integration.

Cozy 0.4.0 changes at a glance:

  • Sleep timer
  • m4a/mp4 support
  • UI tweaks
  • Improved playback
  • Improved importing
  • New dialog when a file could not be found

Upcoming Features

Cozy’s developer hopes to add .wav support, searching, and additional filter option (e.g, date added, last played) in future revisions.

Download Cozy

We’ll likely amend our earlier Cozy article to reflect the new changes in, but in the meant time, to try the app out for yourself, you can now download an Ubuntu installer direct from the Github page, Yup, there’s no need to faff around building it from source anymore:

Download Cozy 0.4.0 for Ubuntu (64-bit)

Arch users among you can grab the latest release from AUR. No word on a Flatpak or Snap app, but the developer is hoping to add a bistro-agnostic AppImage in the future.


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