Linux Foundation announce Spanish version of their ‘Essentials of Linux System Administration’ course

The Linux Foundation have announced that their course titled LFS201 – Essentials of Linux System Administration, has been introduced in Spanish and in a few months will be translated into Portuguese. There are about 470 million native Spanish speakers and 220 million native Portuguese speakers, they are the third and seventh most spoken languages in the world based on total speakers. The newly translated courses will open them up to lots of people in South and Central America where the main languages spoken are Spanish and Portuguese.

They decided to introduce a Spanish version of the course because it was second only to English as the most popular language amongst students who have registered for LFS201 to date.

LFS201 in Spanish is bundled with a certification exam. Registration is now open for $299 through to August 31st, after this point it will go to its regular price of $499. It is also possible to do the course without the exam and that costs just $99. Linux Foundation recommend that new users should begin by taking the LFS101x Intro to Linux course on edX.

According to the 2015 Linux Jobs Report, those qualified to administer Linux systems are around 50% more likely to be hired. The report claims that Linux hires are going to increase by about 50% on 2014’s hires. 88% of hiring managers say they have had difficulty in finding qualified individuals to fill these positions.

The introduction of these courses will be great for Linux as a whole in South/Central America (the area I think these courses will impact the most), many of the people here who have older computers will really benefit from using Linux as it is less resource intensive. In addition we may also see an uptake in Linux usage in these countries as places like Cuba develop home-grown operating systems to help prevent state sponsored attacks on Windows computers. Other countries in the area such as Brazil are also very keen on using Open Source solutions.

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