List of best Free Online Font Converter websites


Fonts play a significant role whether you are designing a website or developing any conceptual designs. Both designers and typographers use a font to enhance the design as a whole for creating magazines, marketing materials and developing a fabulous web. A right choice of font makes your website look visually appealing and helps in delivering the content in a well-presented manner.

Free Online Font Converter websites

Any website or a magazine involves using fabulous graphics, design layouts, and splendid content. However, all of these design concepts are useless if it is not endowed with a proper font selection. Fonts are the most basic thing that creates a significant impact on the users and ensures that your content can never get boring. If you want to work with a large number of fonts, there are many personalization options to make your design or website fabulous using some bunch of fonts that suits best for your designs.

Some browsers and devices don’t support certain font format. In such a case, we need to convert a font to a file format that supports your website. If you have found a gorgeous font for your website but is not available in your desired font format, you can convert them to a file format that supports your website using a free online font converter. In this article, we outline some of the best free font converters that are available online which do not require any registration or your personal information.

1. Online Font Converter

Free Online Font Converter websites

The Online Font Converter is a free online service that enables you to convert the font file format like a ufo, woff2, ttc, svg, suit, pfm, tfm, otf, eot, dfont, and pdf right from your browser. It is simple to use and allows you to drop multiple files which you want to convert in just a single click. This saves a lot of time. Additionally, it also provides Online Font Converter API if you want to switch from one format to another. Use the free service here.

2. Free Font Converter

Free Font Converter is an online service that allows you to convert between many font formats within no time. It doesn’t require any software installation and works well with Windows. It is commonly used to convert well-known font between pfb, bin, gsf, ttf, pfa, sfd, gsf, mf, t42, cff, bdf, pt3, oft and ps. Additionally, it also converts less used font formats like Suitcase (.suit) and Data Fork fonts (.dfont). Use this free online font converter service here.

3. Everything Font

Everything Font is one-stop service if you want every font format for your website in just a single click away. The service needs no installation, and you can simply upload a file that you want to convert from your browser. Apart from simple font conversion, it offers a lot of additional services like free font manager, font directory, character maps, and font face generator. It provides its own API if you want to switch from one format to another. The online service enables you to convert font file format between ttf, woff, woff2, svg, apk, eot, otf, t42, pdf and many more. Use this free online tool here.

4. Font Converter

The Font Converter is an online tool that enables you to convert between the font file formats. To convert the font to another format simply upload a file or enter a URL and choose the desired output format. The online tool converts your font to the desired format in just one click away. It enables you to convert between the most common font file formats like ttf, otf, pfb, chr, amfm, ofm, pfa, sfd, svg, ttc cff and many more. Unlike the other online tools, it offers advanced options to enable autohint for TTF fonts in Windows machines. Enabling the auto-hint feature improves the font rendering on Windows system. Get this free online service here.

5. Files-Conversion

Files-conversion is a free online tool that can be used to convert anything you want. You can use this online tool to convert file formats like fonts, audio, video, archives, etc. to any desired format. It can also be used to convert between file formats for presnsations, spreadsheets, and eBooks. The tool can be used to convert font file formats like pdf, afm, bin, ttf , dfont and otf. Get this free online tool here.

6. FontSquirrel

Font Squirrel is a popular online font resource tool which offers high quality and commercial fonts for free. It acts like a font generator tool that offers a Basic type of conversion for straight conversion of a font with minimal processing, optimal type of conversion with recommended settings for performance and expert type of conversion where you can choose to decide on how to optimize fonts. It that can be used as a font converter as well as font generator. It also generates HTML files for the web embedded fonts. Use this free online font converter here.

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