Logitech VOICE M380 wireless mouse with voice input support launched in China

Voice input has become a commonly used feature for an increasing number of mobile phone users, thanks to the rapid development of voice recognition technology. The reduction of the voice recognition error rate has brought powerful assistance for users to free their hands. The voice input method isn’t as sophisticated on PCs compared to mobile phones. However, Chinese accessories maker Logitech has launched its first wireless mouse with voice input capability dubbed Logitech VOICE M380 wireless mouse. Logitech

The VOICE M380 looks just like the ordinary wireless mouse but there is a dedicated button that prompts the voice input. The M380 adopts a soft curve shape that provides support for the user’s hand, ensuring that the user doesn’t feel fatigued easily even after working for a long time. It also supports multi-language translation.

The VOICE M380 wireless mouse combines Baidu’s voice input technology and only needs to click the mouse button to complete input and translation in multiple languages. The mouse currently supports seven languages ​​including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, and Thai.

In addition, the mouse dictates about 400 words per minute, with an accuracy rate of about 98%. It supports Chinese, English, and Japanese dictation to help users complete tasks efficiently.

For seamless connectivity, the Logitech VOICE M380 supports online and offline connectivity. In the online mode, the voice can be recognized more accurately, and when the network is unstable, it can also be switched to the offline convergence mode.

The mouse uses Logitech’s advanced optical tracking technology to enable it to move accurately on most surfaces. At the same time, it is equipped with Logitech’s unique Unifying wireless connection technology, so that it can be connected stably within 10 meters. The mouse is powered by a single AA battery and Logitech touts it to last for 18 months. When not in use, it automatically enters the dormant state.

Logitech M380 wireless mouse is available in three colors: Graphite Black, Space Silver, and Pink. The mouse also carries an affordable price tag of 199 yuan (~$30).

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