LongoMatch open source video analysis tool

LongoMatch is an open source cross-platform sports video analysis program that supports real-time and post-recording analysis.

The open source version of LongoMatch is available for Windows, Mac OS X and various Linus distributions. It requires that you download and install a codec pack as well, as it is required for some of the application’s functionality.

The company behind the product, Fluendo, created a Pro version of the application as well for commercial use. The Pro version supports a range of features that the open source version does not support. Plus, it gives you access to support channels such as a dedicated agent or live chat.



You will be reminded on start of LongoMatch that the codecs need to be installed on the system to use it. You can close the prompt to go the main interface of the application, but some functionality may not work if you have not installed the codecs.

From there, you may start a new project, or open or import a project instead. If you select the new option, you get to select one of the available types. This defines the source video file for the analysis. You may load a video from the local system, have LongoMatch detect and connect to a capture device, connect to an IP camera, or fake a capture device.

longomatch project

The program ships with one default dashboard (for football it appears). If you want to analyze a different sport, you need to open the dashboards manager first to create or load dashboards that match that sport.

It enables you to set the field, number of players, goal, periods, and other events (red cards, defense) related to the game.

Back to the creation of the new project. The project properties screen lets you fill out general information such as the season, name of competition and date. There you will also load one or multiple video files that you want to use for the analysis.

LongoMatch won’t load video files if the required codecs are not present. If you get the error matches that a selected video could not be loaded, you need to go back and install the codec package to add support for the format.

The video analysis itself is very powerful, even in the free version. It supports customized events, unlimited timelines (if you have lots of video sources), views per location, and event lists.

The pro version supports additional tools, including zoom options, live fullHD encoding, better video quality, and professional analysis dashboards.

Closing Words

If you are the coach of a team, be it in school or amateur, you may use the sports analysis tool LongoMatch to analyze the games of your team to find out what went well, and where there is room for improvement.


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