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parsisiųsti Biuro 365 Offline Installer For Mac

  Microsoft Office is undoubtfully the best commercial productivity software out there for Windows operating system. In addition to Windows, Microsoft Office is available for macOS, "iOS", and Android as well. If you have subscribed to Office 365 or purchased Office 2016 for your Mac computer,

Planetarium Software Stellarium 0.18.2 Išleistas (Kaip įdiegti)

Free and open-source planetarium software Stellarium 0.18.2 was released a day ago with enhancements, various bug-fixes and translation updates. Stellarium 0.18.2 release highlights: Improvements and fixes for AstroCalc tool and plugins Added support Abell Catalog of Planetary Nebulae and ESO/Uppsala Survey of the ESO(B) Atlas Added

langai 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions

  In this Ask the Admin, I’ll look at a new Windows 10 SKU, langai 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions, that recently appeared in a Windows Insider preview build. Back in May, Mary Jo Foley reported for ZDNet that Microsoft was preparing a new version of

Turn On Windows 10 NTFS Case Sensitivity

  Now that Windows 10 supports running several different Linux distros, Microsoft has added a flag to NTFS that forces the file system to recognize files and folders that are only different by case differently. In this Ask the Admin, I’ll show you how to enable

Zorin OS 12.4 išleistas, Galima atsisiųsti dabar

Linux newbies rejoice; Zorin OS 12.4 is now available to download. The latest update to the popular Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, Zorin OS 12.4 boasts of being “more secure and compatible than ever before.” “This new release brings together the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance enhancements

Fix: Windows Spotlight Not Working In Windows 10

  Windows Spotlight is an excellent feature available in all editions of Windows 10 to automatically set a new picture as lock screen background each day. The feature automatically downloads images from Bing and works only if your PC is connected to the Internet. Upon turning

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Addresses Two Zero-Days in 60-Flaw Roundup

Microsoft has rolled out its August Patch Tuesday fixes, addressing 19 critical vulnerabilities, including fixes for two zero-day vulnerabilities that are under active attack. Overall, the company patched a total of 60 trūkumų, spanning Microsoft Windows, kraštas, Internet Explorer (IE), biuras, ..NET Framework, ChakraCore, Exchange Server,

Visual Studio Code 1.26 išleistas

Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.26 was released a day ago with a number of significant updates. According to the release note, some of the key highlights in VS Code 1.26 include: Breadcrumbs – A navigation bar allows to quickly navigate between symbols and files. Tu gali…

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