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How To Use The ZFS File System On Linux

The ZFS file system is incredibly popular. Kaip rezultatas, many in the enterprise swear by it and use it to house trillions of bytes of data. Despite its popularity, Linux users will not be able to enjoy it out of the box. užuot, those looking

How To Backup A WordPress Site On Linux

Given that WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world, many users expect there to be an easy, backup system built into it. Sadly, there isn’t, so users who want to backup a WordPress site, will have to do it manually. SQL Database A

Fix Screen Tearing in Ubuntu 18.04 Optimus Laptops

For Ubuntu 18.04 users plagued by screen tearing issue while using NVIDIA proprietary drivers, this quick tutorial may help you via enable PRIME Synchronization on Optimus. Screen tearing usually happens on Ubuntu Linux laptop that uses Prime to switch between NVIDIA and Intel drivers. 1. Atviras…

Install Linux Kernel 4.18-rc3 on Ubuntu Linux

Upgrade and install Linux Kernel 4.18-rc3 on Ubuntu Systems. Linux 4.18-rc3 Kernel is released with Linux Kernel 4.18-rc3 was announced by Linus Torvalds. He writes: I’m back at home, over jetlag, and back to the usual “Sunday afternoon” release schedule. So there it is, in all

Ką daryti, kai diegimas Ubuntu 18.04

Trumpai: Tai ką daryti įdiegus Ubuntu sąrašas 18.04 padeda jums pradėti su Bionic Beaver sklandžiau darbastalio patirtį. ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Bebras spaudai šiandien. Jūs esate galbūt jau žino naujųjų funkcijų Ubuntu 18.04 LTS spaudai. Jei ne, čia…

How to Create Custom Commands in Linux

Šiuo samouczku, We’ll show you how to create custom commands in Linux which will allow you to create “shortcut” commands using a simple name of your choosing. Even better, you can chain multiple commands like this together and run them all with a single

Install OpenShot Video Editor for Linux Ubuntu

Install OpenShot Video Editor for Linux Ubuntu. OpenShot 2.4.2 Video Editor is now available with lots of great improvements, exciting new effects, tons of bug fixes, and more stability and performance enhancements. New Features OpenShot 2.4.2 Video Editor OpenShot 2.4.2 Video Editor is now available with

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