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Lucidsound LS50X Wireless Xbox Gaming Headset Review – Good, Expensive, All-Around Xbox Headset With Innovative Controls

Lucidsound LS50X

Released last year, the LucidSound LS50X is the audio brand’s flagship premium headset for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Back in July of last year, peripheral manufacturer PowerA acquired the brand, but luckily, the brand and its premium products have been preserved. The hybrid headset was released ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X|S, and with Microsoft’s next-gen consoles now being available, I decided to give it a spin on the Xbox Series S. Let’s see how this $250 wireless headset performs, especially compared to the less expensive alternatives from the competition.

Design and features

When I received Lucidsound's top offering, the first thing that stood out is the package - the boxing is solid and is designed in the traditional black/green Xbox colors. Presentation of the contents inside the box receives praise as well, with the headset being presented to you on a paper stand. So what does the box include aside from the standard accessories? Well, there's a rigid hard travel case that houses the headset and cables. The case was a pleasant surprise, and I haven't seen many brands which included one with their products.

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As I already mentioned, the Lucidsound LS50X is a hybrid headset offering both wireless audio (through the supplied wireless USB transmitter) and Bluetooth simultaneously, allowing users to listen to music or make calls through the Bluetooth connection while playing games. The Bluetooth functionality also allows you to use the headset on the go - a feature that we've already seen on headsets from the competition, including the Razer Kaira Pro and Steelseries Arctis 9.

The LS50X is made of metal with replaceable plush oval earcups made of memory foam combined with cooling gel. The headband has solid metal touchpoints for added durability and can easily be adjusted to match the size of your head. According to Lucidsound, its premium offering packs custom-tuned 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets to provide clear highs and deep bass.

Just like Razer's Kaira Pro Xbox headset, the LS50X comes with a dual-mic setup offering both a detachable boom microphone and an integrated microphone. Both microphones support echo and background noise cancellation.

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In my humble opinion, what separates Lucidsound’s headset from the competition are the innovative controls. Whereas most headsets feature buttons and wheels for onboard controls, most of the LS50X’s features can be accessed through the large rings on both of the earcups, including volume, muting, device switching, chat mix, and a function to check the battery level. Voice prompts can be heard to set up and use the headset – it’s quite different from the conventional onboard controls, but it’s quite ingenious and works like a charm.

Apart from the power button on the right earcup, there’s also a multifunctional EQ button (it serves as a Bluetooth pairing button as well) that gives access to five different EQ modes, including Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Music Mode, Movie Mode, and Flat EQ.

As for the headset's battery life - Lucidsound boasts that the battery lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge. Once depleted, the battery can be charged through the supplied USB-C cable.


Lucidsound’s premium Xbox outing offers a good and accurate sound experience for most games and music. Scores and in-game sounds are presented distinctively with plenty of separation between different instruments. I did, however, expect more from the headset’s bass as the lower frequencies sound a bit tuned down, even when using the EQ 'Bass Boost' mode. On the other hand, the absence of heavy bass prevents that quieter sounds don't come through clear enough.

Lucidsound LS50X

The Lucidsound LS50X is a pretty comfortable headset with the leatherette and mesh earpads minimizing heat around the ears. During shorter gaming sessions, the headpiece is on par with other headsets in this price range when it comes to comfort, but I did experience a strain on the top of my head after prolonged use, possibly due to the headset weighing 0.41kg.

The LS50X packs two microphones, an internal one and a removable boom mic. The boom mic offers minimal distortion and clear voice reproduction, and although the performance of the built-in microphone is clearly lower, it serves its purpose.

Battery life

As advertised by Lucidsound, the LS50X should last up to 20 hours on a single charge and even longer in Bluetooth mode. This is probably a safe estimate from the manufacturer, as I found that in gaming mode the battery lasted for roughly 24-25 hours on a single charge when using the headset on a normal volume level. Although there are wireless headsets that last longer, the battery life on the Lucidsound LS50X is quite good and on par with offerings from other brands.


So is this $250 headset worth your hard-earned cash? I'm having a hard time deciding. Yes, Lucidsound's premium offering packs innovative controls that I've really come to love, and it offers a good sound experience. Comfort could have been better, especially during long gaming sessions. This is disappointing for a headset in this price range. Also, the headset is only compatible with Xbox (a recent update seems to prevent PC use), preventing multi-platform players from using this rather expensive headset on other platforms. For reference, the less expensive and more comfortable SteelSeries Arctis 7X is useable on Xbox as well as PlayStation platforms, PC, and Nintendo Switch, and is on par with the LS50X when it comes to sound quality. If you're looking for an Xbox headset that supports wireless audio and Bluetooth, the Razer Kaira Pro is also a viable alternative and sells for almost $100 less.

If you don't mind spending $250, the LS50X is a solid wireless Xbox headset that does many things right, but one should keep in mind that there are viable alternatives available from other brands that, aside from the controls, offer the same features for less.

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