Mēnesis: janvāris 2016

How To Join PDF Files with pdfunite

This guide shows instruction about joining some PDF files into one with pdfunite utility. It is built-in in Ubuntu along with poppler-utils package. Thanks to Poppler Project and Glyph & Cog. Summary pdfunite Explanation: pdfunite will treat any file name you enter as argument, as input.

How To Convert PDF to Plain Text with pdftotext

This guide shows instuctions about converting PDF into TXT with pdftotext utility. pdftotext is already built-in in Ubuntu along with poppler-utils package. Thanks to Poppler Project and Glyph & Cog for providing this utility. Converting As Is pdftotext Explanation: this command line will convert whole pages

How To Use Character & Paragraph Styles in Scribus

This is instruction about how to make use of character and paragraph styles in Scribus. They are basically templates for text formatting. With them, you can make complex structures of text such as article layouts in a magazine. And with them, you have absolute control to

How To Install Synfig Studio in Ubuntu 14.04 and Above

uz 2012, we've written a Synfig Studio guide for animation and installation. At that time, Synfig should be installed from outside Ubuntu repository. Now Synfig is available at Ubuntu official repository. We find Synfig Studio is available starting from Ubuntu 14.04 until 16.04. We can install

How To Install GMIC for GIMP in Ubuntu

G'MIC (Greyc's Magic for Image Computing) is a complete framework for image processing. It is popular for being combined as plugin for GIMP to process awesome images. G'MIC gives GIMP more hundreds of image filters. To install it in Ubuntu, make sure you have GIMP installed

How To Install Themes in Ubuntu 14.04 and Above

What we are missing is built-in easy way to install themes in Ubuntu. Different with the old Ubuntu (versions before 11.04), now it is more tricky to tweak appearance of Ubuntu. But there is a convenient way starting at Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr named Unity Tweak

How to deactivate laptop webcam in Windows 10

It is unnecessary to download any software from the third party to deactivate your webcam. One note that this tip is only utilized for integrated webcam. We do not assure that if it would help shutting off the extraneous webcam. More over, we do not need

List of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords/Niche 2016

List of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords/Niche 2016 Use or create your website on these most expensive and highest paying adsense keywords/niche for earning good revenue. Mesothelioma Law Firm ($179) Donate Car to Charity California ($130) Donate Car for Tax Credit ($126.6) Donate Cars in MA ($125)

Reset Any Password: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

How to Reset Admin Password for Windows Vista, 7, 8 un 10 In summary, here are the steps to reset the admin password, or any user password: Locate your Windows DVD, or use Hiren's Boot CD. Boot from the Windows DVD / USB or Hiren's Boot

Fix: Windows 10 Upgrade Failed Error 80240020

Option #1: Reset the SoftwareDistribution Folder The Windows 10 Error Code 80240020 is most likely a result of a corrupt Windows Update folder, which in turn prevents Windows 10 setup from starting. To fix the issue, you can rename the c:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder, which will then force

Fix: Windows 10 Upgrade Failed Error C1900208

Ar to teica, here's how to fix Windows Update error C1900208 using the Media Creation Tool. Please note that there are two ways you can use this tool: either you can download the Windows 10 install files directly to the hard drive (assuming you have enough

Upgrade Windows 7, 8 32-bit to Windows 10 64-bits

How to Upgrade from Windows 7 vai 8 32-bit to Windows 10 64-bit Here are the steps required to perform such an upgrade: Ensure your computer meets all the prerequisites so that you can obtain a free upgrade to Windows 10. Before proceeding with the upgrade,