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A round up of useful guides, tutorials and other resources to help you get started with Microsoft Windows.

Notepad is Finally Getting some Improvements

A few improvements have made their appearance in Windows 10 Insider Build 17713, a preview version for the next feature release, making life a bit easier for those who still use it on daily basis. Wrap-around find/replace On top of a basic Find/Replace feature, you can

3 Veidi Run atmiņas diagnostikas rīks Windows 10

Windows 10 and earlier versions come with a built-in utility called Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool to check for memory problems. Šajā rokasgrāmatā, we will see how to run and use Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool on a Windows 10 dators. Using the Memory Diagnostics tool

Tips for using Java securely on Windows 10

Java is a popular computing platform, but lately, Java is blamed for its security vulnerabilities. It is recommended by many to disable or completely uninstall Java. tomēr, there are applications and web pages that require users to run the Java programs, and this necessitates the

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