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Kā Fix Throttling par Dell XPS 15 9560

tā, jūs jau esat izsmelts jūsu Dell XPS 15 with 32GB of DDR4 RAM and the best 1TB NVMe SSD for the money—now your XPS 15 9560 ir tik labi, kā tas izpaužas, pa labi? nē, not yet! Without some hardware and software tweaks, savu pavisam jauno XPS…

ENERMAX intros ETS-N31, kompaktā CPU dzesētāju ar 92mm ventilatoru

ENERMAX paziņo jaunā kompaktā CPU dzesētājs ETS-N31 vispārizglītojošajās procesoriem. Ar TDP ietilpība līdz 130W, ETS-N31 ir budžeta draudzīgu CPU dzesētājs ar efektīvu dzesēšanas veiktspēju sākuma līmeņa un vidējās klases sistēmām, piemēram, budžeta darbstacijas vai spēļu datoru ar īpašu video karti. savienojams…

ZOTAC Announces VR GO Backpack PC with GeForce GTX 1070

ZOTAC this week has formally introduced its VR GO backpack PC designed for virtual reality enthusiasts. The system is equipped with NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1070 graphics, a quad-core CPU from Intel, rich I/O capabilities and a hot-swappable battery. Despite its positioning, the VR GO can be

TENAA reveals vivo Y55A with octa-core CPU, 5.2-inch display

  A new vivo smartphone has been certified by the Chinese telecommunication authority TENAA, revealing some of its key specifications. The device is powered by an octa-core 1.4GHz processor, and sports a 5.2-inch HD display. RAM is 2GB, while internal memory is 16GB, although expandable. uz…

Zotac Zbox Nano Review CI543

We’ve been testing Zbox systems for a number of years now. From model 1 they offered some impressive design and decent performance for their class, although in more recent times their size has grown a touch. At least in most cases. For those who need a

Review: Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming

The ultimate Intel consumer platform remains the X99. Home now to the deca-core 6950X and recently updated through a minor refresh, the X99 chipset is where manufacturers throw in the bells, whistles and kitchen sink. It kind of makes sense in this environment, pārāk, as a

Fix gvfsd-smb-browse Taking 100% CPU In Ubuntu 16.04

Brief: This quick tutorial shows the workaround for gvfsd-smb-browser taking 100% CPU in Ubuntu 16.04 and thus causing overheating. A couple of months after installing Ubuntu 16.04, I noticed that suddenly my laptop was getting extremely overheated. I can hear it roaring despite that I have

Alienware’s New Aurora Desktop Comes With VR Support

At E3 earlier this week, Dell announced the new Aurora mid-tower desktop with full-scale power and performance. This new Aurora provides a smaller footprint than the previous Aurora and boasts more dedicated graphics power with optional CPU liquid cooling. This system is VR Ready, including Oculus

Intel i7-6950X Broadwell-E CPU Review

Today we are going to get a chance to review Intel”s next processor in their High-End Desktop (HEDT) platform. The king of the consumer hill used to be the mighty i7-5960X our friend Dino reviewed back in August of 2014. That “extreme” CPU shook up the

The evolution of cloud computing

Servers are probably not near the top of your list for conversation topics nor are they something most people think about. bet, it turns out there are some interesting changes happening in server design that will start to have a real world impact on everyone who

How to migrate Cacti to a new server

Cacti is a popular network graphing tool widely used by many service providers. For those of you who have been using Cacti to visualize the performance of various elements of your network, it is sometimes necessary to migrate Cacti and all its graph datasets from one

OnePlus ditches invites for the OnePlus 3

Time-saver edition LG V10 review OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei disclosed that the OnePlus 3 will be released invite-free right from launch day. The company is going to soon announce the phone on June 14. He also reminded that the OnePlus 3 will be available for purchase

AMD Wraith CPU Cooler Review

It’s nice to see AMD taking the initiative in releasing some upgraded “stock” coolers with their CPUs. Those in the enthusiast community likely have a shelf full of “stock” coolers from both AMD and Intel that due to their lackluster performance have never been used. Starting

Install Netdata Performance Monitoring Tool For Linux Ubuntu Systems

Performance Monitoring Tool for Linux Ubuntu Systems. Install Netdata on Ubuntu Systems. Netdata is a real-time monitoring tool for Linux Ubuntu Systems. netdata is a highly optimized Linux daemon providing real-time performance monitoring for Linux systems, Applications, SNMP devices, over the web. The application tries to

Samsung Galaxy S7 : All the new features

Samsung has announced it’s new flagship for 2016 which is the Samsung Galaxy S7. The S7 is more of a refinement of the S6 which brings many features back from the older Samsung Galaxy S5 . The S7 now is waterproof and dust resistant with no