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Microsoft Unveils TypeScript 3.0 For Public

TypeScript is a typed superset of Javascript that compiles to plain javascript. Microsoft released Typescript version 2.0 in September 2016 just about a month after the release of the Release Candidate. beidzot, Microsoft has raised the curtain off the Type Script 3.0 for the public. TypeScript

Virsmas Go vs. virsmas 3 (video)

Following its release last week, Surface Go has received plenty of praise as a worthy budget addition to Microsoft's Surface lineup. But it's not the first low-priced Surface on the block; that title would go to 2015's Surface 3. So how do they compare? Whether you're

Novērst Windows 10 No atjaunina izmantojot Kill-Update

  Windows Updates are the free Microsoft tools which are rolled out routinely to update service patches and packs for the proper functioning of the Windows Operating system. Microsoft regularly releases the patches and service packs as part of maintenance service in order to fix some

Kā ziņot par pikšķerēšanas e-pastu Outlook

  Outlook on the Web or Outlook.com offers a way for you to report dangerous phishing emails to Microsoft and in this post we will show you how to do it. The problem is, the changes to Outlook’s user interface has made a few things difficult

Microsoft Office for Mac vs Windows - Atšķirības

  Microsoft Office 365 subscription is available for both Windows PC and Mac. Nowhere in its Office subscription page does Microsoft tell you that the applications and features of Office 365 are far less for MacOS compared to Office 365 for Windows 10. This article talks

Surface Go: Specs, cena, and features

Surface Laptop vs. Surface Go. Microsoft revealed the Surface Go this week, targeting the rise of Chromebooks and cheap iPads for consumers and education services. The Surface Go starts at just $399, making it the cheapest Surface available today, and it will launch in 35 countries

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