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Novērst Windows 10 No atjaunina izmantojot Kill-Update

  Windows Updates are the free Microsoft tools which are rolled out routinely to update service patches and packs for the proper functioning of the Windows Operating system. Microsoft regularly releases the patches and service packs as part of maintenance service in order to fix some

Microsoft releases KB4284848 Windows 10 versija 1803

Pagāja Microsoft nedaudz ilgāk, nekā gaidīts, bet KB4284848, jauna kumulatīvais atjauninājums Windows 10 versija 1803, beidzot ir atbrīvots. Microsoft released cumulative updates for previous versions of Windows last week but did not release an update for the April 2018 Update version.

KB4020001 and KB4020002 for Windows 10 1703 atbrīvots

KB4020001 and KB4020002 are two new updates for Windows 10 versija 1703 (Creators Update) that Microsoft released today. These two updates are released on Microsoft's Update Catalog website right now, and will not be made available through Windows Update. Both updates are listed as compatibility updates

Fixes and Known Issues in Windows 10 Būvēt 15042

Microsoft šodien izlaida Windows 10 Būvēt 15042 for Fast Ring Insiders. Here is the list of fixes and known issues this build. The list of fixes is as follows: You should no longer see “Initializing…” when attempting to download new builds. The download progress indicator shown

Why Microsoft forced Windows 10 upgrades last Friday

Over the weekend, I heard many complaints from people who were unceremoniously upgraded from Windows 10 Fall Update (version 1511) to the Anniversary Update (version 1607). The upgrade took place even though they had explicitly instructed Windows 10 to defer upgrades. Win10's proclivity for unexpected updates

Windows 10 Būvēt 15007: Edge, UWP, Sveiki uzlabojumi

Microsoft izlaida jaunu priekšskatījumu Windows 10, Windows 10 būvēt 15007 for PC and Mobile to the Fast Ring Insider Channel this night. The company released Windows 10 Būvēt 15002 less than a week ago, a massive build that introduced dozens of features and changes

Mēs izmantojam sīkdatnes, lai dotu jums labāko tiešsaistes pieredzi. Piekrītot jūs piekrītat sīkdatņu izmantošanu, saskaņā ar mūsu Privātuma politika.