Transmission-daemon: Setting up Transmission Web On Debian


Transmission is a GTK based Torrent client package for downloading torrents in Linux.
Though this is GUI package, it also has and Web Application package, which makes it able to download torrent on CLI servers. I normally use this on my VPS servers, download torrents and get a direct file in Apache (shh! don’t tell anyone this) ?

Installing Transmission Daemon

As we don’t have GUI, we will be installing the Transmission Daemon which is Web Application package too.

$ sudo apt install transmission-daemon

Configuring Transmission Daemon

Configuration file of transmission-daemon can be found in /etc/transmission-cli/settings.json. But before we make any changes to that file, we have to stop transmission-daemon service.

$ sudo systemctl stop transmission-daemon

We will be doing this configuration step by step

  1. Changing Downloads Directory: Pēc noklusējuma, transmission-daemon saves its downloads to /var/lib/transmission/Downloads which might not seem cool to you. Although you can change this as you are about to start a download in the Web Interface. We will create our directory in our home and set transmission user and group as the owners:
    $ mkdir ~/TDownloads && chown transmission:transmission ~/TDownloads

    Now in our settings.json find the value of download-dir and change to value to your directory name, making it from my side:

    "download-dir": "/home/donjajo/TDownloads"
  2. Setting up Web RPC: Every settings related to the Web Application prefixes with rpc_* which are pretty much self explainatory.
    rpc-bind-address: will bind the web server to an address, this is for those having multiple interfaces and address
    rpc-enabled: This will enable the web application end of transmission
    rpc-whitelist-enabled: Set this to false or add your address to rpc-whitelist separated by comma to be able to access the Web Application

With these few settings, you can have your transmission-daemon running with no error. Restartēt transmission-daemon service and load your address in the browser

$ systemctl start transmission-daemon

Load to your browser http://youraddress:9091


Something similar to the above will open

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