Atjaunots: Valve Steam Machine atbrīvošanas datums, ziņas un funkcijas

Atjaunots: Valve Steam Machine atbrīvošanas datums, ziņas un funkcijas

Katrs Steam Machine un jaunākais Steam Controller

Once there was a world where PC gaming was at the desk, console gaming was in the living room and never the two shall meet. That’s all coming to a close now, as Valve prepares to bring Steam to your HDTV thanks to the Steam Box.

If you’re unfamiliar with Steam, think of it as iTunes for video games, with a buddy list and chat for joining your friend’s games. It started off on Windows PCs, but now has a healthy number of titles for Mac, too.

Valve’s Steam Machines are set to shake up tradition, bringing PC gaming to the living room TV. They won’t actually be built by Valve – third part manufacturers will be putting together their own boxes – but Valve will be injecting them with SteamOS, tā pašreizējā beta versijā, Linux operētājsistēma.

Valve already took a big step into the living room with Steam’s Big Picture mode, but that still required putting a computer in your entertainment center, or running a really long HDMI cable, at the very least. Perhaps because of that, a lot of the phrasing in Valve’s SteamOS reveal treats Steam and the SteamOS interchangeably.

Still, Valve’s goals with Steam Machines and SteamOS are clear: give PC gaming the ease and accessibility that console jockeys already enjoy, and do so in a way that lets OEMs make the hardware and compete.

And put Steam right at the center of it, ready to vacuum up the cash like it’s the Steam summer sale all year long.

Valve Steam Box izlaišanas datums ziņu funkcijas

Ceļojums no paziņojuma līdz palaišanai ir bijis ilgs un tad netīrs, bet pie GDC 2015 Valve atklāja galīgo informāciju par saviem dzīvojamo istabu plāniem, tostarp Mašīnas, pārskatīto kontrolieri un tā Lives virtuālās realitātes austiņas.

Syber, one of Valve’s early Steam Machine partners (and a sub-division of CyberPowerPC), got in there early, announcing jauna Steam kastes kas būs pieejams šogad. Tas ietver vairākus dažādus variantus: Steam Machine-Mini, Steam Machine-Mercury un Steam Machine-Switch un Steam Machine-X. Mini tev izmaksās $ 450 (apmēram £ 290, AU $ 575), savukārt augstākās klases X nāk pie 1,400 (apmēram £ 910, AU $ 1,780).

Bet klātienē ar Valve mēs varējām redzēt pilno Steam Machines galīgo klāstu, kas ieradīsies novembrī. Zotac, Maingear, Digital Storm, un Scan Computers visi ir kastes sarakstā, un jūs varat iekļūt vairāk no katra šeit.

Valve Steam Box izlaišanas datums, ziņas un funkcijas

Iepazīstieties ar galīgo Steam kontrolieri.

A tricky part of the Steam Machines will be input, and Valve is trying to solve the problem with its own Steam Controller, which is part of the reason the Steam Machines are taking so damn long to arrive. Valve’s gamepad has undergone a number of iteration on its journey to launch, but we got to play with the final iteration of it at GDC 2015 – you can izlasiet mūsu sākotnējās domas šeit.

Pagājušajā gadā Valve paziņoja, ka ir ņēmusi vērā lietotāju atsauksmes, un nolēma atdot kontrolieri atpakaļ uz rasējamo galdiņu.

“It’s generating a tonna of useful feedback, and it means we’ll be able to make the Controller a lot better,” Valve’s blog post read. Pārliecinieties, ka kontrolieris ir pilnīgi piesardzīgs, šķiet, ir milzīga prioritāte Valve, un tas ir pareizi.

Tvaika Controller

Hands on with Alienware’s Steam Machine at E3

Tā kā Lily Prasuethsut devās rokās ar Alpha pie E3 2014, viņa ir redzējusi savu galīgo lietotāja saskarni ekrānuzņēmumos. Apskatiet šeit pēdējos seansus no Alienware tvaika mašīna.

Alienware went through eight revisions over two years in collaboration with Valve before it came to its final Steam Machine. That’s how serious Alienware claims to be about Valve’s hardware initiative.

Tvaika mašīnas

Tagad šķiet, ka Steam mašīna ar svešzemju galvas logotipu varētu būt viens no pirmajiem, kas hit tirgū. Dell plāno atbrīvot Alienware Alpha neatkarīgi no tā, vai šī gada garumā darbojas "Steam Machine" programma. Un pie E3 2014, mēs saņēmām dažas papildu rokas ar ierīci, tagad pazīstama kā Alfa un ar pabeigtu specifikāciju.

Hands on with Valve’s Steam Controller at GDC 2014

Valve has almost entirely transformed the face of its Steam Box controller since we last saw it at CES 2014. Now, the company is set on getting the input device to market by holiday 2014, so it can be bundled with every make and model of Steam Box, and sold separately at a “competitive” price point. That said, a few planned features have been put on the back burner, if not tossed out entirely. Regardless, it’s still a novel and functional method of control.


While it’s disappointing to see Valve ditch a unique feature like the controller’s touchscreen, the company has a history of atgriežoties pie rasēšanas plāksnes to much success. When the controller and Steam Machines come out this holiday season, it won’t be prying the keyboard and mouse from fingers, it’ll be joining them.

We go even more in depth on the new changes to Valve’s divisive input device in text form. Read all about them in our updated hands on Steam kontroliera pārskats.

Steam Box nāk. Half-Life 3 apstiprināts?

Hmmm, maybe. At least that’s what Counter Strike co-creator Minh Le ierosināts intervijā with goRGNtv. “I think it’s kind of public knowledge, that people know that it is being worked on,” Le said. “And so if I were to say that yeah, I’ve seen some images, like some concept art of it, that wouldn’t be big news to be honest.”

“I guess I could say that I did see something that looked kinda like in the Half-Life universe,” said Le.

Griba Half-Life 3 launch alongside the first wave of Steam Machines? Well it makes sense, though perhaps Portal 3 would be better suited to Valve’s virtual reality headset…

Steam Box aparatūras partneri iepazīstināja CES 2014

CES 2014 wasn’t really a gaming show, but thanks to the Steam Machines, games dominated the headlines this year. Well, games and Michael Bay’s Samsung implosion.

Pirms iepazīstināt pasauli ar savu trīspadsmit oficiālie aparatūras partneri, Valve’s head honcho Gabe Newell addressed the crowd. It was an informal chat, Newell fielded questions from the crowd and teased that 3 million Xbox One sales still puts Microsoft’s console behind Steam’s install base.

Newell: Dota 2 is “bigger than Monday night football”


Tad nāca prototipi, aiz burtiska aizkara. Tika pārstāvēti datoru dzesēšanas aparāti, piemēram, Alienware, Origin, Maingear, Gigabyte un citi. Skatiet tos visus, kas redzami tālāk redzamajā video formātā.

Visi tvaika kastes no CES 2014


Kas Steam Machines bija pirms un pēc CES

Here’s a look into the past at what Steam Machines were shaping up to be in early 2014. Enjoy the extra context of exactly how much the Steam Boxes have changed in the short time since their unveiling. Spoiler: they changed. A lot. (Especially that controller, seen below.)

Watch our hands on with Valve’s Steam Controller at CES 2014


And now that Valve’s Devdays are in full swing, pictures are nāk no Twitter ar jaunizveidotu izkārtojumu, kurā ir divas četru pogu kopas.

Valve Steam box izlaides datums jaunas iespējas

Steammas debija CES 2014

Daudzu pārsteigums Spēles nozagoja virsrakstus at CES 2013. Tagad tikai dažas nedēļas no CES 2014, it’s looking like the same thing will happen all over again, thanks to the Steam Box.

Vai mums vajadzētu teikt Steam Boxes? Vairāki ražotāji, ieskaitot iBuyPower un Digitālā vētra, ir devuši mums ieskatu par to dizainu, ar solījumu vairāk nāk klajā nākamajā gadā Vegasā.

Valve Steam Box izlaišanas datums, ziņas un funkcijas

Both manufacturers are well known in the gaming enthusiast space, and we’d be shocked if more companies that specialize in gaming didn’t reveal designs over their own. Valve’s idea behind making the SteamOS free and open source is to encourage multiple builds to let customers choose the machine that’s right for them. Expect serious competition as hardware manufacturers fight to convince the consumer where to spend their Steam Box dollar.

Oriģināls Steam Machine prototips

Valve’s Steam Box prototype

While Valve seems sets on producing the SteamOS and leaving it to third-party OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) to build the Steam Machines, that hasn’t stopped it from producing and distributing its own prototypes.

300 lucky Steam users have been selected as beta testers. They each received a nondescript wooden case housing the new gaming gear, and one of them was kind enough to produce an unboxing video that’s garnered hundreds of thousands of views.


Vienības tiek piegādātas ar dažādas specifikācijas, ranging from i7 to i3 builds, a variety of Nvidia Geforce graphics cards. This is inline with past comments by Valve CEO Gabe Newell, who has said Steam Machines will builds will go from “good, better, best,” with some machines capable of playing games locally, while others will rely on streaming.

Steam Box prototipi nosūtīti 2014 uz 300 laimīgiem spēlētājiem

Valve ir iznācis un to teica. “This year we’re shipping just 300 of these boxes to Steam users, free of charge, for testing.” There are instructions to opt into a beta Valve’s Steam Machine page. They’re rather simple, and seem designed to confirm that you’re active Steam user.

Valve Steam Box izlaišanas datums, ziņas un funkcijas

Valve ir atkārtoti uzsvērusi, ka, lai gan šie inteliģentie prototipi tiek veidoti, vairāki ražotāji izveidos Steam Boxes ar atšķirīgām konfigurācijām, sakot, ka tas dos lietotājiem iespēju izvēlēties, nevis piespiest tos izmantot vienam izmēram.

Cik atklāts būs šis Steam Box beta?

Very open, it would seem from the FAQ on Valve’s site. Questions like can I install another OS, post pictures of the thing online or change the hardware are all answered with a resounding yes.

Tas arī turpina teikt, ka lietotāji varēs izveidot savas Steam Boxes, un Valve nodrošinās piekļuvi SteamOS pirmkodam.

Pagaidiet, kā uz Linux balstītā Steam Box spēlēs manas Windows spēles?

Protams, straumējot! Valve atbrīvoja mājas straumēšanu pakalpojums no beta un spēlētāju rokās, kas nozīmē, ka jūs varat spēlēt ar to tieši tagad.

The jauna iezīme ļauj straumēt spēles no Windows datora uz Steam Machine vai citu Windows datoru. Atbalsts straumēšanai no SteamOS, Linux un Max OSX būs drīz, saka Valve.

The Nvidia Shield Tas tikai ļauj jums straumēt Windows spēli no sava datora uz Android ierīci.

Steam Box izlaišanas datums jaunumi

Of course, having the Steam Box be dependent on the PC we assume you own is not without its faults. First off, it’s tying up that machine, so no one else can use it. Second, you’re still caught in the expensive upgrade cycle of PC gaming.

Finally, Valve has confirmed that SteamOS won’t have a “suspend” function like the PS4 and Xbox One do. In a Github kļūdu ziņojuma vītne, a Valve engineer wrote that Linux’s suspend feature is no longer supported in SteamOS.

The reason? “Given the state of hardware and software support throughout the graphics stack on Linux we didn’t think we could make this reliable.”

Tātad būs Steam Boxes, daudzskaitlī?

Yes. Valve’s open SteamOS will be available to whoever will have it, and they can create whatever sort of machine they like to run. At least Valve hasn’t publicized any planned restrictions.

It won’t be like the PlayStation 4 un Xbox One, kur jums ir Sony sistēma un Microsoft sistēma ar savām bibliotēkām. Vairākas konfigurācijas nozīmē konkurenci, kas, cerams, novedīs pie inovācijas un saglabās cenas par pieņemamām cenām.

It will also means a lot of different models all claiming to be the best Steam Box for your money, so picking one won’t be as simple as deciding if you like Uncharted better than Halo.

Hopefully you’ll check back with us for some Steam Box reviews when deciding on which model to go for. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

The first-ever Steam Controller and Valve’s vision

Steam Box kontrolleris

Try as you might with wireless peripherals, the mouse and keyboard just aren’t suited to couch gaming. Valve has recognized this, and thus atklāja kontrolieris izmantošanai ar visām un visām Steam spēlēs.


That’s right. First-person shooters, simulation games, even precise point-and-click tactical titles will be controllable with this gamepad, according to Valve. They even claim to have, “fooled those older games into thinking they’re being played with a keyboard and mouse.”

Skārienpaneļi, nevis spilventiņi

Steam kontroliera vispārējā forma ir pazīstama. Pamatojas uz sniegtajiem datiem Valve’s controller site, tas izskatās mazliet sīpols, piemēram, Xbox 360 vai (shudder) Ouya kontrolieris.

There are some major differences though. First of all, it has dual circular touchpads rather than thumbsticks. You’ll pilot them with your thumbs and they’re even clickable, but Valve says they’re more precise than physical movable sticks.

Valve Steam Box izlaišanas datums, ziņas un funkcijas

The trackpads will also give haptic feedback. These are the touch vibrations you know from phones like the Galaxy S4. According to Valve, this isn’t just for rumble feedback, but it will actually help make controls more precise. How exactly that will work is unclear, but anyone who played StarCraft on the Nintendo 64 knows that controllers need all the help they can get with certain genres.

Valve Steam Box izlaišanas datums, ziņas un funkcijas

Dead center on the gamepad you’ll also have a touchscreen, which seems more advanced than the touchpad on the PS4 or Ouya controller. There’s a ton of potential here, giving game designers a space to place a map, inventory screen or even shifting contextual controls.

Bet vai man ir jāizmanto šī lieta ?!

Nope, not at all. Valve’s site says that you’ll be able to use the regular old mouse and keyboard on Steam and the Steam Box, should you want to.

Valve Steam Box izlaišanas datums, ziņas un funkcijas

Of course, it conceivable that someone could make a game just for the Valve controller, but it doesn’t look like there are plans to lock out any traditional input devices.

Bet kas būs (se) Steam Box (es)?

It’s hard to say. Because Valve plans to be open with the SteamOS, companies can slap together any sort of compatible configuration they like and put it to market. It will be a lot like Android, where you have devices of varying sizes, internal power and price. Some people theorize that Valve will produce a Nexus-style Steam Box of its own, but that’s looking less likely now.

Mēs sagaidām divus, varbūt trīs veidu Steam Box. Pirmkārt, augstas klases spēcīgs mašīna spēj darboties spēles uz vietas. Otrais būtu lētāka konfigurācija, kas pilnībā balstās uz straumēšanu spēlēšanai. Trešais būtu kaut kur vidū.

Valve ir apstiprinājusi, ka vismaz beta versija, jūsu OS instalēšana būs pilnīgi korekta.

Mūzika un filmas uz Steam Box

Tagad izskatās, ka tas ir dažādu funkciju veids, kas nākamajā sarakstā ir Windows lietojumprogramma Steam. Steam datu bāze ir izgājis dažus jaunus atjauninājumus, iekļaujot jaunāko spēļu un programmatūras veikalu beta versiju, lielā mērā nodrošinot daudz jaunu lietojumprogrammu ID, tostarp filmas, televīzijas sērijas, videoklipus, spraudņus un mūziku.

Watching football and Netflix are a part of the console experience, and not something that Valve will be leaving out of its Steam Box. On the SteamOS site it says, “We’re working with many of the media services you know an love. Soon we will begin bringing them online, allowing you to access your favorite music and video with Steam and SteamOS.”

Valve Steam Box izlaišanas datums

Valve doesn’t name any names, but we expect the usual suspects to assemble. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, basically anything you can get at right now on your Xbox 360 tagad ir gandrīz garantēta. NFL Svētdiena Biļešu un kabeļu lietotnes, piemēram, Xfinity, šķiet tālredzīga iespēja, jo kabeļtelevīzijas uzņēmumi un tradicionālie mediju konglomerāti mēdz lēnām un piesardzīgi pārvietoties. iTunes ir taisnība, jo tā nekad neparādās ierīcē bez Apple logotipa.

Steam Box būs ģimenes koplietošana un konta kontrole

Placing a machine in the living room means everyone in the house is welcome to it. This isn’t a personal device like a cell phone or even a tablet; this is something everyone can log into. Of course, the Steam Box is guaranteed to be more nuanced than grandpa’s VCR.

Valve has made that clear on its site, saying, ” Soon, families will have more control over what titles get seen by whom, and more features to allow everyone in the house to get the most out of their Steam libraries.”

Valve Steam Box izlaišanas datums, ziņas un funkcijas

Šķiet, ka plāni ir izveidoti vairākiem Steam Box lietotājiem. Tagad rodas jautājums, vai tie visi būs saistīti ar vienu Steam kontu. Vislabākais ir tas, ka viss vienā reizē varētu būt konts, jo tādējādi visi var dalīties ar visām spēlēm, ko ģimene iegādājusies, un mamma un tētis var mazu Džoniju no GTA V spēlēt, mainot atļaujas, bet joprojām pieskaroties pie sevis.

Of course, moving games between multiple Steam accounts might not even be a big deal. Valve’s SteamOS site details plans for a family sharing plan. Valve says, “Family Sharing allows you to take turns playing one another’s games while earning your own Steam achievements and saving your individual game progress to the Steam cloud.”


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