MacPilot gives you full access to your Mac like you never dreamed

We’re all well aware of what Apple thinks of hackers. If there’s ever been a more staunchly anti-hacking, security-fixated organization than the crew in Cupertino, then we haven’t seen it.

However, for all their firewalls and stop-gaps, your Mac is still a computer. And that means it’s still hackable. Which, counterintuitively, can actually be a good thing with the help of an all-purpose uber aide like MacPilot.

MacPilot offers over 1,200 features and extra hidden abilities that can unlock the power of your Mac in whole new ways.

As Tech Journey pointed out, MacPilot is like a Swiss Army knife for your rig, doing “all the user interface customization, combining with custom system tweaks and under the hood maintenance in a single convenient package.” It’s primed to handle almost anything from displaying hidden files, to disablling the startup chime, to adding spacers and stacks to your dock. You can also change the screenshot file format, run maintenance tools, and more.

Everything is reachable from one easy-to-access interface, so users are all set to compute their way, from running maintenance scripts to customizing their layout, to full access to all Mac specs, and beyond.

A longtime favorite of Mac fans everywhere, MacPilot is available now with a lifetime subscription, offering all the Mac goodness for life at almost 60%, just $39.99.

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MacPilot Lifetime License – $39.99

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