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How To Make Mozilla Firefox Look Like Microsoft Edge


It’s been close to a year and half since the release of Windows 10. The Windows 10 OS as well as Microsoft’s new Edge browser are getting better with each update.

Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 is fast, sports a clean interface, and it now supports extensions as well. Most users like the clean interface of Edge as it displays only few buttons and icons in the interface by default.

As you might know, two themes are built-in to Edge. One is the default light theme and other is dark theme. The dark theme is easier on eyes, and perfect while browsing the web in a poorly lit room.

Microsoft Edge theme for Mozilla Firefox

Now, if you love the default interface of Microsoft Edge but use Mozilla Firefox as your default web browser in Windows 10 for your own reasons, you will be happy to know that it’s now possible to make your Mozilla Firefox look like Microsoft Edge without losing any features of Firefox.

make firefox look like Edge browser pic1

Firefox Edge is a new theme for Mozilla Firefox to make your Firefox look like Edge in minutes. The Firefox Edge theme includes both light and dark themes available in Edge.

As you can see in pictures, once the Edge theme is installed for Firefox, the browser from Mozilla looks very similar to Edge’s interface.

make firefox look like Edge browser pic2

The Edge theme can be installed on Firefox running Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8 and Windows 7 as well. The Edge theme for Firefox has been tested on Firefox 50 but should work on earlier versions as well.

Make Firefox look like Edge

Installing the Edge theme for Firefox is also quite easy. Follow the given below directions to download and install Microsoft Edge theme for Firefox browser.

Step 1: In order to install the theme, you need to install an add-on called Stylish for Firefox. Visit this page of Stylish in your Firefox browser, click Add to Firefox button and then click Install button to get installed.

make firefox look like Edge browser pic4

Step 2: Visit Firefox Edge userstyles page in Firefox browser.

Step 3: Choose either light or dark theme from the Theme option.

make firefox look like Edge browser pic3

Step 4: Finally, click the Install with Stylish button.

Step 5: Click Install button when you see the confirmation dialog. You can click the Preview if you want to preview the theme before applying the same.

make firefox look like Edge browser pic5


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