Making Any Window On Top and Transparent with WindowTop

WindowsTop is a free Windows tool that adds a few more useful features to operating windows. With WindowsTop, you can pin any window on top of all other windows, control the opacity of that window and something quite unique like Shrink Windowand Dark mode.

WindowsTop integrates itself seamlessly with the operating system. Once launched, it adds a menu in the middle of the top bar of any running windows. When clicked, it pops down with 4 options for you to choose.

The first button is to control the opacity of the window. You can move the slider left or right to control how much transparency you want to set with the window. To enable the click-through feature, simply check the option underneath the slider.

The second button is to set the current window on top of any other window. You can toggle the button on and off to enable or disable the Set Top feature. Once it’s enabled, it will stay on top at all time until you toggle it off.

The third button is to shrink the current window to make the window in a very small size to give you more space to work on. It’s quite an interesting way to minimize windows.

The last button is to set the current window in black/white mode to make it useful for reading at the night.

These are the main features WindowsTop provides. You can also manage a few other things from the WindowsTop icon in the system tray, such as change the hotkeys assigned to these four main features, toolbar options, start with Windows, etc.

WindowsTop works for Windows 7 and above with the support for both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows. It also comes with a portable version that you can just run without installing the program or any other additional DLL files.


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