Malwarebytes blocks Program or Website – Add Exclusions


One of the popular programs for silencing and removing malware is Malwarebytes. It’s the perfect tool for any computer user. The free version works quite well too, but just as long as the user performs regular scans of their Windows 10 computer.

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But Malwarebytes is known to give out false-positives as it prefers to classify many commonly used programs as Potentially Unwanted Programs. In this post, we will show you how to add a program you trust to the whitelist, or whitelist a site which you trust.

Malwarebytes blocks Program or Website

Blocking Malwarebytes from blocking files, programs, and website URLs is quite easy to accomplish. Simply fire up the software then navigate to the Settings option in the left-pane. After that, click on the tab that says Exclusions. Now then, use the mouse to click the Add Exclusions button to move on from there.

Malwarebytes blocks Program or Website

When the user clicks on Add Exclusions, a new window pops up with several options to choose from. Folks can exclude files or folders, exclude websites, exclude applications from being detected as a possible problem.

Add Program to Malwarebytes Exlusion List

To Exclude a file or folder, click on the dot then select Next.

malwarebytes add exclusions

Here the user will have the ability to choose which files or folders to exclude from detection. Bear in mind that excluding a file means Malwarebytes will not be able to detect it, even if the file becomes infected in the future.

Stopping a website from being blocked is pretty much the same actions. Select Exclude a site, then press Next. The pop-up screen gives the option to add a domain name or an IP address. Once these are added, the program won’t scan them when browsing the web.

Can I exclude a previously detected exploit?

Yes, you can. Several computer users have exploits running on their systems. Some of these exploits aren’t performing illegal activities; therefore, these Windows 10 users should be able to do whatever they want. However, anti-virus programs are designed to block and quarantine anything they view as a threat.

To make sure your exploit is not blocked and quarantined from the system, select Exclude a Previously Detected Exploit then click Next. From the next window, the user will locate the exploit and any associated application and exclude them from detection.

At the end of the day, we recommend folks to be careful of the files they exclude and make sure there’s at least a basic understanding of what the file can do.