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Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool removes Adware and PUPs


Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool is a portable tool that removes all traces of Adware, Potentially Unwanted Programs, Toolbars, malicious Browser Helper Objects and other Crapware from your Windows PC. The Junkware Removal Tool was developed by Filipos Mouliatis, and it was acquired by Malwarebytes in 2015.

Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool

Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool

Once you have downloaded the JRT.exe file, simply double-click on it to run the tool. Your Windows 10 SmartScreen may block the file from running. Give it permission to run and you will see a black window.


The tool operates through a lean but flexible Command Line Interface (CLI) to reduce its system footprint and simplify operation. It searches for and removes common toolbars, and potentially unwanted programs from your computer. It removes Ask Toolbar, Babylon, Browser Manager, Claro / iSearch, Conduit, Coupon Printer for Windows, Crossrider, DealPly, Facemoods, Funmoods, iLivid, Iminent, IncrediBar, MyWebSearch, Searchqu, Web Assistant and more!

To exit the tool, you have to click on the ‘x’ in the top right corner. To run the tool, you may click any key to continue.

The tool will create a System Retore Point first and then scan all the startup items, running processes, Windows Services, Scheduled Tasks, all the files & folders, your installed web browsers, shortcuts and so on. It supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer browsers.

If any Potentially Unwanted Program is found on your computer, the tool will proceed to remove it, without asking for your permission.

I wish the tool listed the junkware items first so that we could go through the list and eliminate any potential false-positives, but unfortunately, this option is not present.

Once the process is completed, the tool will output its report in a newly created JRT.txt text file on your desktop. This will tell you all the programs that may have been removed.

You can download the Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool from here. It can currently detect and remove over 250 junkware variants and apart from Windows 10, it also runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, both 32-bit and 64-bit.


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