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‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ – BioWare Talks Character Theories & Teases Game’s Size Before N7 Day

Mass Effect: Andromeda reveals are coming this Monday on N7 Day, and the game’s developers at BioWare are getting antsy. Following a teaser release, a few employees mused over character theories and the title’s vast size.

The discussion about theories began with a reply from studio creative director Mac Walters. When asked if one of the women in the latest teaser was a female version of the game’s Ryder protagonist, he said “No she is not” and added that fans should “stay tuned for more on who she is on N7 Day.” In true tease fashion, it’s unclear if the statement implies that we’ll learn more about Ryder or the suited lady.

We’ve reported on the possibility for N7 character details in the past, but the discussion didn’t end there. The original inquirer also said “I’m thinking this isn’t Female Ryder. Maybe a high ranking character Or….. Grandma Ryder. To this thought, BioWare producer Michael Gamble said “I like this theory.”

Could one of those options be right? It’s a possibility. Characters in high-ranking positions are expected for any Mass Effect game, and the Mass Effect: Andromeda PS4 Pro showcase revealed just how important family will be in this new installment.

Such speculation, however, might be as massive as the game itself. Tweeted as a fun fact, design lead Ian Frazier revealed that “Mass Effect: Andromeda is actually being built across all three BioWare studios [in] Montreal, Edmonton and Austin.” For those who don’t get the implication, he added “she’s a big game.”

The fact that all of BioWare is working on Andromeda is a pretty interesting tidbit for those interested in the developer’s other franchises. If, for example, enough of BioWare Austin is lost in space, that could impact any Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic developments. A follow up to 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisition seems even more further off. That being said, all divisions of BioWare have worked together in the past before.

Mass Effect: Andromeda leaks and official details tell us that the game focuses on a journey to establish a new home for humanity in the Andromeda galaxy long after the events of the Shepard trilogy. E3 diaries debuted some returning races, but we don’t know how all of these pieces fit together.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release in 2017 and could arrive as soon as March 21 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of these Mass Effect: Andromeda character theories? Are you surprised that all of BioWare is working on the game? Tell us in the comments section!


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