MassCert is a batch signature tool for Windows

MassCert is a free portable program for Windows that enables developers and companies to add digital signatures to files using a simple graphical user interface.

While it is not necessary to sign Windows programs using a digital certificate, doing so verifies their authenticity and integrity.

For developers, it may reduce the number of false positives that security programs and checks throw when the program is run or downloaded. Users who run the program benefit from the signing as well as they may receive no or fewer warnings when they download or run the program.

MassCert is a new portable program from KC Softwares that offers an easy to use interface to sign Windows programs.

Note: The program is available in several versions of which some may include adware offers. We suggest you download the portable program as it does not include those.

masscert program

The program uses Microsoft's SignTool for adding signatures to files that you add to it. The tool is included in the Windows SDK which you can download for free from Microsoft if you have not done so already. Please note that the SDK has a minimum size of a couple hundred Megabytes if you deselect most components and a size of more than one Gigabyte if you keep the default selection.

Click on browse to add the SignTool path to the application.  Once done, add files that you want to sign using the add button. MassCert supports batch signing so that you can add as many files as you want to the queue.

You may also add a digital certificate and password before you hit the sign button to start the signing.  The program supports PKCS #12 personal information files (X.509 certificate and private key bundle).

Timestamps are enabled by default. You may change the timestamp script or disable the functionality completely if you don't require it.

MassCert runs the signing process afterwards and verifies the correct execution of it.


While you can use Microsoft's SignTool from the command line to sign files on Windows, it is not the most comfortable option especially if you don't need to use special parameters that it supports.

MassCert's main appeal comes from the fact that it is easy to use and capable of signing multiple files in a single operation.

It does offer less control over the process though and an option to run SignTool with additional parameters could certainly be useful.


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