Meet C Seed’s Colossal 4K UHD TVs, The Largest Of Their Kind In The World



The Austrian-based luxury electronics company C SEED Entertainment Systems thinks big, literally. Their indoor and outdoor screens are in fact so huge that you’re possibly going to need a bigger living room to fit them, and in the case of their outdoor TVs, you might need a whole new house with large backyard.

This summer C SEED introduced its luxurious C SEED 262, dubbed “the world´s largest 4K LED widescreen TV”, and it’s now available worldwide at the highly affordable price of $539,000, with an additional $35,000 added on for professional installation (You’d think that a company which just sold you a TV for more than the price of a large family house in some cities would at least toss in “free” installation).


The gargantuan television makes even other huge TVs out there look tiny in comparison. The C SEED 262 is 20.16 ft. (6. 144 m) wide and 8.41 ft. (2.574 m) tall. The “262” refers to a world record screen diagonal of 262 inches (6.65 m), and you will need a lot more than your buddies to carry it, because it weights roughly 85% of a ton!

The C SEED 262 is built with Black LED technology to offer extraordinarily high levels of contrast, it also features 4K UHD technology (as if we or anyone else would expect anything less from a 20 foot mega-TV!) and ultra-high 800 nits brightness for an optimal viewing experience under nearly any level of ambient brightness. Among other screen specs, it comes with HDR color display specs and offers a robustly good 5000:1 contrast ratio that we can safely call excellent by 4K LCD TV standards, assuming the TV actually delivers this in practice. You can also watch your favorite UHD content with its integrated 4K media server or through a whole host of modern connectivity options that include multiple HDMI and USB ports as well as full internet connection support.

As for the sound, The C SEED 262 has integrated high-end speakers for total quality sound in a 7.1. or 9.1 cinema surround.



C SEED first gained worldwide attention a few years ago when they presented their groundbreaking outdoor 4k mega television, the C SEED 201 (it is also reportedly the World’s Largest LED 4k TV, but for outdoor use). This creation broke most conventional rules on TV manufacturing with its advanced engineering and downright astonishing size.

The C Seed 262 is available for worldwide delivery effective immediately according to its manufacturer and quite frankly, for any of you who can afford this gargantuan monster of a 4K HDR TV, it would really make one hell of an impression on whoever uses it in whatever room you’ve turned into a full-blown home theater in your also enormous luxury mansion.

C SEED Entertainment Systems, has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria with offices in the U.S as well and is part of the Global Bright Group, an international participant in the rental and marketing of professional LED screens.

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