Meet Lenovo’s Newly Released 4K UHD Flex 5 2-in-1 Laptop, Available For $1,099

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Lenovo has a strong reputation as a builder of some pretty cool 4K UHD and other cutting-edge laptops so the arrival of the new Flex 5 laptop/tablet should be of interest to more than a few potential buyers.

The Flex 5 offers up a new, slimmer profile and several powerful options such as a 16GB of RAM, a 4K UHD display and as much as 512GB of SSD storage, all of which combine to make this little machine into one remarkably robust device by the standards of 2-in-1 devices, even if many conventional laptops definitely beat the Flex on raw power.

Flex 5 4K Lenovo 2-in-1

However, for those of you who want some smooth sleek performance in a highly portable device with some absolutely stunning pixel density in its compact 4K UHD display surface, the Flex 5 offers not only solid specs but also a great price, because at least for now is offering it for a highly enticing price of just $1,099 for the 4K UHD version with the best possible storage and RAM specs. That’s right, those $1,099 will get you the 4K model with the 512GB SSD drive and 16GB RAM. This is a discount of $200 from the original retail price of this cool new 2-in-1 model. This is also the first deal so far that we’ve seen for this laptop/tablet combo.

The Flex 5 was originally announced by Lenovo at the 2017 Mobile World Congress earlier this year and like its predecessor, it delivers a 360 degree hinge design that lets you use the Flex as a normal laptop, a touchscreen tablet or as a combo “tent” device depending on your specific needs. Furthermore, there is that awesome 4K display option to keep in mind for such a cool price. This wasn’t an option in previous editions of the Flex.

Now you’re probably wondering if the 4K screen is even worth it or capable of doing its job smoothly in such a compact 2-in-1. The answer is a fairly solid yes as far as we’re concerned. For one thing, the extra pixels deliver some incredibly smooth display rendering in which individual pixels are almost impossible to distinguish. Secondly, the Flex 5 comes packed with the hardware it needs to handle those 8.29 pixels of display sharpness thanks to an internal GeForce GT 940MX 2GB GPU and a 2.7GHz Core i7-7500U CPU from Intel’s newest Kaby Lake line of chips, which are designed specifically to handle 4K graphics and even deliver 4K entertainment content thanks to their built—in HDCP 2.2 and HEVC support. Then of course these is the already mentioned 16GB of RAM and an additional 1TB HD aside from the 512GB of SSD storage for rapid-fire activation of this 2-in-1’s Windows 10 OS.


Compared to rival 2-in-1’s like the HP Spectre X360, the Flex 5 is indeed cheap too. The HP model retails for $1,399 and offers more or less similar specs, so you’re getting a fair bit of performance for a notable discount with this particular Lenovo model.

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