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Meta’s next VR headset, Project Cambria, might arrive this September


Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is reportedly developing new hardware, including four virtual reality headsets.

The Information has claimed Meta plans to release the new virtual reality headsets between now and the end of 2024, which are all part of its ongoing metaverse mission. The first of these headsets should debut this September. Codenamed Project Cambria, it’s a high-end VR and mixed-reality standalone headset for remote work rather than for gaming.

Cambria is no secret at this point. Just last week, in an earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the goal of Cambria is to eventually replace “your laptop or work setup”. Cambria features outward-facing cameras and enables mixed reality instead of full virtual reality experiences. People within Meta’s Reality Labs reportedly have described the device as a “laptop for the face”.

When it launches, Cambria should cost around $799 or higher.

Following Cambria, in 2023, you can expect a new version of Meta’s $299 Quest headset. Then, in 2024, both Cambria and Quest will be updated.

That said, The Information’s report discussed supply constraints that have caused frequent delays for Meta, stalling its push into VR and AR. But Meta is still in this for the long haul, with the company telling shareholders in its latest call that it’s “laying the groundwork” for what it expects to be a “very exciting 2030”.

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