How To Reset Network Settings In Windows 10


Moa ny Windows 10 PC unable to connect to the internet? Is your PC not connecting to the Wi-Fi network? Are you encountering network issues on your PC but cannot fix them? In this guide, we will share an easy way to fix network issues by resetting network settings to their defaults.

The built-in troubleshooters in Windows 10 can help you fix most of the common network issues. But if you are unable to solve one or more network issues using built-in troubleshooters, you should consider resetting network settings.

Resetting network settings will reinstall all network adapters and set other networking components to their default settings. In the process, Windows 10 will forget all Wi-Fi networks and their passwords. Noho izany, if you don’t remember the Wi-Fi password that your PC regularly connect to, you should know or backup the saved Wi-Fi password before resetting network settings.

After resetting network settings, you will need to manually connect your PC to a Wi-Fi network again by entering the password. You might need to reinstall networking software like VPN clients.

Reset network settings to their defaults in Windows 10

Follow the given below directions to perform network reset in Windows 10.

dingana 1: Navigate to Settings App > Network & Internet > Status.

dingana 2: ao amin'ny Change your network settings faritra, click Network reset link. Clicking the link will open Network reset page.

reset network settings in Windows 10 pic1

If the Network reset link doesn’t appear, it’s likely because you are running a version older than Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607).

dingana 3: Farany, click the Reset now bokotra. Click Eny button when you see the confirmation dialog to reset the network settings.

reset network settings in Windows 10 pic2

reset network settings in Windows 10 pic3

Your PC will automatically disconnect from the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. You will see “You’re about to be signed out” message on the screen. After about five minutes, your PC will automatically restart once to complete the network reset job. Noho izany, save your work before your PC automatically reboots.

reset network

Resetting network settings should address network issues.



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