Micro Niche Sites: The Easiest Way to Make Money Online in 2017

  • 5 min read
  • Nov 21, 2016

Micro Niche Sites: The Easiest Way to Make Money Online in 2017

This is the completed guide from building micro niche sites to ranking them . Learn How to make successful small niches website to making a living online .


There a lot of ways to make money online and are 100’s of money making websites available over Internet.

But the blogging is still the most reliable method to earning cash on Internet.

There are two way to earn from blogging: 1. Build an authority site 2. Build a micro niche sites .

In this 2 minute post I will guide you how you can make micro niche sites from scratch and make $$$ online.

In this short guide, we are going to learn:

  1. What is a micro niche site?
  2. Difference between micro and authority website.
  3. How to set up micro niche website.
  4. Perfect keyword research for your niche site.
  5. How to write your first post.
  6. Link Building for micro niche websites.
  7. How to easily rank and bank your small niche site.
  8. Best option available to making a micro niche website.

Benefits of micro niche website:

Micro niches websites need less hard work, less investment ($20 is enough), Easy to rank, Easy to make money and the best thing: Micro niche website is the best way to earn money for newbies.

You can make upto $50 to $100 per month on autopilot.

You want to learn the entire above thing. So just let’s start:

  1. What is micro niche sites ?

A micro niche website is site focused on single niche called micro niche. Basically micro is 1/100000 part of unit (You know this If you have good knowledge in PhisicsScience).

In Micro niche sites we find a good, popular and less competitive micro niche like tooth whitening (health is niche and tooth whiting is micro niche), Best dumbbells for teen (Again fitness (Gym) is niche and dumbbells is micro niche) and best tennis ball (Sport-Tennis-Best Tennis Ball) and a lot more…

2.Difference Between micro niche and authority website:

In authority website we cover all the topics related to niche like cricinfo is an authority website in field of cricket, Wikihow is another authority website etc. . . .

But in micro niche website we focus a narrow topic as I have mentioned above. Here is the table which describes the difference:

Micro Niche Sites

1.Easy to rank

2.Low Investment

3.Low keyword volume

4.Monthly Earning $50/$100/mo/ per website

Authority Sites

1.Fast Rank

2.High Competition

3.High Investment

4. $500 to $1000/mo earning

So which one you choose authority website or micro niche websites?

My answer is micro niche websites because:

  1. Finding your niche and Keyword Research for micro niche website

The first thing to start a blog is making sure that niche /field should I select? While selecting a niche you should mainly focus 2 things:

1.Your interests 2. Popularity of those niches.

To find your interest is not a hard work. Just ask yourself which the work you like most .Which type of works you can do without tiring? Etc. . . .

Second your interest is not everything in Internet marketing. You should also check the niche you select is popular of not?

If you are writing on a subject whom no one cares and search than you are wasting your time. You will become single reader of your blog.

no traffic

Another main factor which you should consider that you should not select a niche which has a lot of competition like money making ,seo , internet marketing etc. .

If you are not confirm about your niche then you need not to worry or confuse .Just read on you will get solution.

Here are also some steps to find popular niches you can start:

Just go to udemy and check which the most popular course is.

niche site examples

2,325 Ratings means photography is very popular niche .

Go to amazon best seller and find out the hottest products.

niche website ideas

Check amazon subcategories https://www.amazon.in/gp/site-directory/ref=nav_shopall_btn

All of below are micro niches you can start:

micro niche exxamples

Every subcategories is like a micro niche. All you need to find competition and keyword search volume for that.

If you find some keyword with high search and low competition, than you find Gold Mine.

Go to quora and find out most viral and asked question.

Here are some profitable and easy to rank micro niche examples you can work:

Tooth whiting, jio tips and tricks (Location India), Dog colars (Pet-Dog-Supplies-Collars), blackmagic (popular on YouTube) etc.

Just head over to amazon, flipcart, quora skillshare etc. and you find many micro niches.

If a niche is hot then there will be enough course, books and question about that.

  1. Keyword Research for your micro niches:

In micro niches sites we need to make keyword research first .Remember Full Preparation is the Half Battle won.

To find keyword volume and competition you can use free tool like Google keyword planner or paid like long tail pro (read review of long tail pro) or kwfinder etc.

Enter your seed keywords and it will show many related keywords. You need to find only 10 to 15 keywords (or sometimes 5 keywords are enough).

long tail keyword tutorial

Once you have found your keyword the next work is make seo friendly website.

5.Making your micro niche website:

In micro niche sites we need to find a domain rich in keywords or in exact match domain like buysellads , securityguardtraining , footballbettingtips , bloggertipstricks etc. .

If you are targeting a country you should choose country based domain like .in , .co.uk , .com.au etc. .

Once you have bought your domain ,you can host it on your exiting hosting or if you don’t have any hosting pack I suggest getting a cheap bluehost hosting .


  • You can also set up your site at blogger which is free .
  • Make sure to add your logo , about us , contact us and privacy policy .
  • Make your Facebook ,twitter ,pintrest and some other social bookmarking sites and connect them with your blog using IFTTT and onlywire .

6. Writing your post :

The first post should a full 2000+ Guide on your micro niche site totally written by hand with proper images (If possible add video and infographcis).

Keep on page seo in mind while writing this guide .Use focus keyword in title ,h2, first pariah , img alt text and in URL etc.

Here are some examples of micro niches websites :

  • http://www.securityguardtraininghq.com/
  • www.bestadjustabledumbbellsreviews.net
  • www.pitbulls.org

Check them and find how they write post .

Once you complete your first guide than you need 3 to 5 post at every 5 to 7 days interval . Post should be original and SEO Friendly .

7. Monetize your niche sites:

When it comes to monetizing niche sites I used three sources:

1.Adsense or pop ads ( read pop ads review)

2.Amazon or flipcart (Read 21 ways to making more money with amazon affiliate)


This is a very simple step . Just insert your ad network code between your head tag . Show your ad above the fold . Use related Amazon and clickbank products between posts like below :

miro r niche site

You need not to build tons of backlinks for niche sites . Here is step by step process to building backlinks and ranking your site :

  1. Before making backlinks you need to make social proofs for your site. The best way to buy cheap social proofs .
  1. Go to business listing sites and add your niche website up to 25 websites .

3.Comments in 15 to 25 related niche website .

4.Get some free edu and gov backlinks by commenting .

5.Make 5 to 10 web 2.0 for your sites.

Totally you need to build 50 to 100 backlinks only. Index 3 to 5 backlinks a day and you will rank within 30 days in top ten .

Final thoughts :

Once you rank you need just need to add 1 article at 15 days and make only 1 backlinks a day enough . You can make as many micro niche websites you want.

What is your thought on making micro niches websites ,ranking and banking then . Have you any other techniques which work great ?