Microsoft Addresses Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue Yet Again; Releases New Update With ‘Fuel Gauge’ Fix

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  • Nov 14, 2016

Microsoft is still not done addressing the battery problem that’s plaguing the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, though it has issued an update to fix it in the recent past. The Redmond giant recently released a new update that is said to have the right antidote for the battery capacity issue.

According to GSM Arena, Microsoft rolled out a new update for the Surface Pro 3 this week to correct the software problem that’s causing the device to have lower battery capacity than what’s expected. The update comes months after the initial fix for the issue was released back on Aug. 29.

Explaining how this new update fixes the battery problem, Microsoft wrote on its website: “v38.10.90.0 corrects an error that may occur on a limited number of Surface Pro 3 devices where the full charge capacity of the battery is misreported to the operating system and device firmware.” The tech company also indicated that to correct the battery capacity of the Surface Pro 3, version repairs the firmware component that acts as a “fuel gauge” for the system.

Microsoft is promising that once the update is installed, the full charge capacity of the Surface Pro 3 will be corrected after a couple of charge and discharge cycles. Hence, users should not expect to see a big jump on their device’s fuel right away. The company also pointed out that for units that did not suffer the battery issue, their owners shouldn’t worry about anything.

The Redmond company released the new update in response to complaints from users that began to surface way back when the Surface Pro 3 tablets with Simplo batteries started shipping. Newowin has learned that the LGC batteries that came with the Surface Pro 3 tablets drained quickly after a full charge.

There were users who complained that their units were not charging at all. Some users also said that their Surface Pro 3 device couldn’t function without plugging it in. Users of devices with problematic batteries have since been raising their concerns to Microsoft, so it’s just right for the company to finally roll out a fix for the issue.


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