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Microsoft Advertising releases three new audience targeting features


Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising today announced three bew audience targeting features: Dynamic Remarketing lists and In-market Audiences in France & Germany for search campaigns, and LinkedIn Profile targeting for both search and audience campaigns. With Dynamic Remarketing, you can take your existing shopping campaigns in Microsoft Advertising and target customers who have already made interactions with your products. LinkedIn Profile targeting allows you to target audiences based on the user’s job function, industry, and company. Find more details below.

  1. Dynamic Remarketing helps advertisers reach customers based on products they’ve browsed, considered, or already purchased. When combined with shopping campaigns, they allow advertisers to target audiences with the specific products they’ve interacted with, helping to boost performance and increase conversions. The lists are also kept current — within minutes of a customer purchasing a product, the customer is removed from the Dynamic Remarketing list to avoid showing the same ad.
  2. LinkedIn Profile targeting is a unique and easy way for advertisers to target highly relevant audiences based on the user’s job function, industry, and company. Whether you’re a furniture store looking to target the work from home crowd or an equipment supplier looking to sell parts, LinkedIn Profile targeting can help you achieve your advertising goals with its coverage of 100+ industries and 80,000 companies. With this release, LinkedIn Profile targeting is now available for search and audience campaigns for the following markets: US, CA, UK, AU, FR, and DE.
  3. In-market Audiences are now available for French and German markets. This release includes 100+ French and 200+ German audiences designed to maximize conversions across verticals such as Apparel, Auto, Financial Services, Home & Garden, Travel and many more.

You can learn more about the above three targeting features from the link below.

Source: Microsoft