Microsoft Edge is a better browser than Chrome in macOS

Monopoly in the long run always hurts consumers, and when there is competition, especially healthy competitions, it benefits consumers. This is the case in the browser war. If you are old enough you will remember the days when Microsoft has dominated the browser market and essentially monopolized the market with Internet Explorer. Heck, they even have a Mac version running on OS X. Since then the king of browser has been Google’s Chrome for years if not over a decade now. Microsoft Edge is aiming to change that.

Microsoft Edge is arguably a better browser compare to Google’s Chrome in many ways, especially on macOS for a key reason (battery consumption). But Microsoft Edge has other pluses, here we will explore some of the features that Edge wins over Chrome thanks to the healthy competition in the Browser market.

Microsoft has learned the lesson from its original Edge, the new chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser has all the performance and rendering advantages from Google’s Chrome but also addressed some of the issues Google was falling behind especially around privacy and trackings.

Microsoft Edge Can Run all Chrome Extension and can install from Chrome Store

Microsoft has nailed this one, the onboarding experience coming from Chrome to Microsoft Edge has been superb. If you are new to Microsoft Edge and were primarily using Chrome when switching over Edge installs all Chrome extensions. The only thing you might need to do is to configure some of the extension settings.

Allows multi-profile Sign In supports Personal and Work Accounts

Just like Chrome, you can sign-in with multiple profiles. This also works with work profile sync (G Suite or Microsoft 365) accounts.

Improved Battery Life on Big Sur

Compare to Chrome, Microsoft Edge lasts longer in numerals tests performed by reviewers. If you value your battery life this should be one of the top reasons to switch over to Edge.

Better Privacy Control

As a mac user, you should value your privacy and Apple emphasizes this very much in their ads campaign. Edge’s privacy control is front and center, you will be promptly after the first few screens once you start to sign in accounts with Edge. You have more explicit control over data collection and data sharing with advertisements and other use of your personal data.

A Better PDF Reader (Editor)

While you might find this surprising. On Mac, everyone has the better tool, Preview, for viewing PDFs, but for PC users Chrome or one of the default browsers usually is also the default browser for viewing PDFs. And Microsoft Edge outperforms this compare to Chrome. It allows you not only to view but supports with basic annotations

Chromecast works as expected

You can also use Edge to cast to any Chromecast compatible devices. This works exactly the same as Chrome. You have the option to cast the entire desktop, window, or a single tab.

Bottom Line

I’d say with the above feature (parity) compare to Chrome, there is no reason why you can’t switch to Microsoft Edge. There is literary nothing to lose if you make the switch. In fact, you should expect gains by switching over to Edge as your default browser.

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