Microsoft Edge tab flashing incessantly on Windows 10


I was browsing a couple of websites using Microsoft Edge browser, for a change, and had quite a few tabs open. I noticed that some of the tabs I had opened were flashing or blinking a bright orange color. I found this quite irritating, and I clicked open the tab which was flashing. The flashing stopped, and I resumed my browsing. After a while, the tab again started flashing in orange color. I again clicked on it to open the tab, and the blinking stopped. This happened with 3 of the open tabs, and I had to literally play whack-a-mole game to stop the irritating flashing!

Edge tab flashing

Edge tab flashing continuously

I could no longer bear it and changed my browser and went back to my default one. But this set me wondering and I wondered if there was a way to disable this Edge tab flashing. Most of us are aware that we can limit or turn off the flashing Taskbar buttons, but is there a way to disable this Edge annoyance of flashing tabs?

I looked around and found that unfortunately there was none. Many users are reporting this issue when they browse websites YouTube, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. – or even regular blogs for that matter. The website may or may not need you to be logged in – the flashing of tabs may still occur. Moreover, this has nothing to do with Adobe Flash being turned on or off. The blinking does not stop but continues incessantly!

The Edge browser tab alert is hard-coded, and the tab flashed in bright orange when something on that web page changes and Edge feels the need to attract user attention.

I found no way in Windows Settings or Edge settings to turn it off.

Some have reported that opening Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > Use text or visual alternatives for sounds > Unchecking Turn on visual notifications for sounds (Sound Sentry) worked for them, but I am not sure that it actually helps.

So till such a time that Microsoft makes it easy for users to turn on or off Edge tab blinking, you will either have to live with it or switch to an alternative browser.

Have you ever noticed your Edge tab flashing? How did you deal with it?