Microsoft Flight Simulator’s VR mode is about to get tested


Microsoft Flight Simulator was rightly a bit of a sensation when it released earlier this year, helping people who’d just spent a summer locked indoors to see sights around the world to a gob-smacking level of fidelity and accuracy.

The game prides itself on pretty much unparalled realism, and taking a cockpit view of proceedings already made for an immersive experience that could be calming or thrilling depending on how you prefer to fly.

Now, though, things are heating up – developer Asobo had always said that it was also working on VR compatibility for Flight Simulator, but it wasn’t available at launch.

However, gamers can now sign up to try out the VR system, or at least register their interest in participating in its beta, provided they meet the requirements.

Those are to have a gaming PC that’s capable of running the game in VR, be a Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider member, and, importantly, have a Windows Mixed Reality headset they can use. These are a slightly more niche category of headsets, that mean your standard Oculus Rift sadly won’t let you cut the line.

This is just the first phase of the beta, though, and other headsets will be able to participate in later waves, it would seem, so don’t give up hope on that front.

This and more was discussed in Asobo’s latest Q&A video, which is lengthy and pretty in-depth, but you can hear more about the process by watching what they developer has to say.

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