Microsoft is Launching News and Interests in Windows 10

After testing this new feature for the past few months, Microsoft said today that it is bringing the News and Interests flyout to all supported Windows 10 versions.

“As people spend more time on their Windows PCs, working, learning, connecting, and creating, we’re making it easier to access personalized content that is available at a glance and updated throughout the day,” Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman announced. “News and interests on the Windows 10 taskbar will begin rolling out to customers over the next several weeks.”

For those unfamiliar, News and Interests is a pop-up news feed that will sit on the Windows 10 taskbar by default, though users can disable it if desired. Why Microsoft would bother with such a feature is unclear, and I feel like this will simply be yet another feature that most Windows 10 users disable until Microsoft finally kills it off.

But I’m sure some will love it. Indeed, Microsoft claims that “many” have asked for this feature.

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