Microsoft is testing a new Windows 10 device setup feature


A vanilla installation of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system may differ slightly depending on the customer’s region, language selection, edition of the operating system, and whether an Internet connection is available during setup.

Two users installing Windows 10 Home in India will get the same set of applications and defaults, provided that language and other factors are identical.

Microsoft is working on a new addition to the operating system’s setup experience that could change that fundamentally.

Revealed in yesterday’s Windows 10 Insider build, version 20231, the new “customize your device” page could one day configure the base operating system according to the user’s needs.

customize your windows 10

Based on feedback, we’re exploring adding a page to Windows setup (OOBE) to help better understand how you plan to use your device and aid in customizing your device given your intended usage.

The current implementation displays an additional page during the out-of-box setup procedure. It consists of six common activities that users may select. These activities — gaming, family, creativity, schoolwork, entertainment, and business — may be selected by the user. Users not interested in providing the information may select “skip” to ignore the option entirely.

Selections may provide different options during the out-of-box experience according to Microsoft, but that is the extent at this point. The company is looking into introducing configuration differences to devices based on the activities selected by the user during the setup experience.

Microsoft does not provide additional information at this point in time. Possible options include installing different applications, enabling or disabling features, or changing default configurations.

A user interested in entertainment could get certain media codecs installed automatically on the device during setup, the admin of a family computer could get a hint to configure parental controls right after setup, and a user interested in gaming might see a selection of games installed by default on the device.

Closing Words

The idea may pave the way for better customized systems based on user input. Microsoft should provide information on the changes that it would make to the system based on user input once — if — it implements that functionality in the future. Without it, users might not even know about the changes that a selection of activities has on their systems.

The idea itself is interesting, but the implementation needs to provide useful customizations to make it an interesting option for users of the operating system. If it is used merely for pushing first- or third-party apps to the user system, or enabling features that Microsoft wants to push, it is unlikely going to be a new feature that is welcome by the majority of users.

Now You: What is your opinion on this new out-of-box experience setup page? What would you like to see?

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