Microsoft Issues Fix for New Surface Pro

Microsoft Issues Fix for New Surface Pro

It looks like Microsoft has issued a fix for the hibernation issue that has been dogging some early purchasers of the newest Surface Pro.

“Today we’ve released a Surface System Aggregator firmware update for the Surface Pro,” Microsoft’s Brandon Records writes in the Surface Blog for IT Pros. “This firmware update revises system power reporting.”

The Surface Pro update history page isn’t any more descriptive, noting that Surface System Aggregator version 233.1763.257.0 “revises system power reporting” and improves reliability.

But this is surely the fix—at least Microsoft’s first attempt at a fix—for the hibernation issues that new Surface Pro users began reporting in early July. Fortunately for customers, Microsoft reacted quickly to this issue, in sharp contrast to incidents with previous Surface devices. In the past week, it alerted customers that it identified the issue and was working on a fix. That fix arrived last night, roughly a week after this episode began.

Hopefully this fix solves the problem.