Microsoft pushes out Edge 86 with download improvements, PDF enhancements and more


Microsoft has released the latest version of its Chromium-based web browser. Edge 86 is packed full of not only the usual raft of bug fixes and performance improvements, but also a host of new features.

This version of the browser sees the arrival of Secure DNS (DNS-over-HTTPS) support, as well as numerous improvements to PDF handling. Support for tables of contents aids document navigation, while pen support for highlighting and enhanced scrolling will be welcomed by many. Other improvements and additions include site testing in Internet Explorer mode.

One area of the browser that sees an important change is the Downloads section. Now, to make it easier to manage more download-related options without having to leave Edge, it is possible to deleted downloaded files from the download manager. To take advantage of this option, just visit the downloads shelf or the downloads page, right-click and select the Delete file option from the context menu.

Administrators have access to a number of new options and features in Edge 86, including the ability to enable synchronization for Azure Active Directory accounts by default. Admins can now also roll back to a previous version of Edge more easily.

Another handy option is the ability to force a site to load in Internet Explorer mode for the purposes of testing — something that admins, developers and end users will benefit from.

In Edge 86, Microsoft has made numerous PDF-related enhancements. As well as support for tables of contents to help ease navigation, support for PDFs on small-screened devices has also been improved. Other changes include pen support for highlighter on PDF files, and smoother file scrolling.

Users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 can now enjoy the benefits of automatic profile switching which has only been available to Windows 10 users thus far.

To grab the latest update, click the menu and head to Settings before clicking About Microsoft Edge; restart the program when prompted. More information about the browser is available here.

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